August 14, 2022

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Lee Ji Ah and Lee Sang Yoon will be the main actors in the latest drama ‘Lady’

On Thursday (4/8/2022) Soompi reported that the upcoming tvN drama ‘Lady’ (literal title) has confirmed its lead cast!

Recently, it was announced that Lee Ji Ah and Lee Sang Yoon will be the main leads of the new tvN drama series ‘Lady.’

‘Lady’ is a new drama scripted by Kim Soon Ok, she is the writer of the hit drama series ‘The Penthouse’ as well as ‘The Last Empress.’

The drama ‘Lady’ is planned to be directed by Choi Young Hoon, who recently collaborated with Lee Sang Yoon on SBS’s hit drama ‘One the Woman.’

The drama ‘Lady’ will focus on the story of a woman who must become the First Lady to protect her beloved family. Lee Ji Ah will be playing Hong Tae Ra, who is actually not ready to become the First Lady.

She did have wealth, fame, unwavering love from her husband, as well as a beautiful daughter, but she had no memory of her past. It made her feel like she was shrouded in darkness, and she felt a little depressed because as First Lady, she always had to act like everything was fine. It wasn’t easy for him to live like that every day.

Then Lee Sang Yoon plays Pyo Jae Hyun, who is Hong Tae Ra’s husband. He is someone who is a genius for being able to develop new technology in the field of neural smart patchand people believe he could make a great president of South Korea.

The drama production team commented, “This is the story of a woman who was given the wrong fate. His desperate vengeance for those who have ruined his life and struggle to protect his family will be portrayed in a thrilling way.”

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In addition to Lee Ji Ah and Lee Sang Yoon, other cast in the drama series ‘Lady’ are Jang Hee Jin, Park Ki Woong, and Bong Tae Gyu.

Park Ki Woong will play Jang Do Jin, a competitive man and he is the management representative of IT company Haechi.

Meanwhile, Jang Hee Jin will play the role of Go Hae Soo. She is the main host of YBC news station, the legal wife of Jang Do Jin (Park Ki Woong), and the daughter-in-law of Geumjo Group. Because of his status, he always appears confident and courageous everywhere and he is always ambitious to pursue the truth that has not been revealed.

Lastly, Bong Tae Gyu will play the character of Goo Sung Chan, the head of the research institute of IT company Haechi and he is obsessed with technology.

The drama series ‘Lady’ will premiere in early 2023. We look forward to it!