December 6, 2022

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Leaked Questions and Identity of Participants Suspected of Cheating UTBK 2022

UTBK became a trending topic on Twitter because there were allegations of fraud in its implementation in 2022, Saturday (18/6/2022). Based on search results, cheating regarding the 2022 UTBK emerged to the public after the anonymous Twitter account @/Chanecha022 uploaded a tweet containing a Telegram group link that shared photos during the exam.

“Friends, I found this in the study group’s telegram, It contains photos of yesterday’s UTBK exam. It’s really sad that I’ve been studying seriously, can someone cheat,” Twitter account @/Chanecha022 was quoted by, Saturday (18/6/2022).

The tweet immediately went viral on various social media. The contents of the Telegram group link are the names of the identities of the 2022 UTBK participants and photos of the exam questions that they allegedly took themselves.

Anonymous who uploaded the link to this Telegram group, suspected of being the people who cheated on the 2022 UTBK, has deleted their tweet. Anonymous admitted that he had received photos and threats of sexual harassment to death threats.

“And it’s true that I am a faker account. I already knew it would be like this. Now I am threatened with arrest for fraud because of sending that tweet, sending photos and being threatened with sexual harassment until I am threatened with death by drowning, ” said anonymously.

2022 UTBK Cheating

2022 UTBK Cheating. (Photo: TikTok)

Some of the photos in the Google Drive file from the Telegram link show the location of one of the public universities in Yogyakarta. The campus concerned has responded via its official Twitter account.

“Yes, Sis. It has been recorded in the supervisory report and the official report on @ltmptofficial on the D day of the incident,” campus clarification.

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Meanwhile, the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) has yet to provide an official statement regarding the issue of the 2022 UTBK fraud that is circulating on social media. Netizens, especially the 2022 UTBK participants, gave various responses.

“The UTBK 2022 batch is the most clown class. There are many cases of participants getting pregnant, wanting to get married, undergoing surgery, there are children who get leaked sbmptn passes from their father’s friends until the problem leaks on gdrive lol,” commented one netizen.

“What are the benefits of UTBK jockeys? Not because of their own abilities, but when they went to college, they didn’t work,” another tweet.

“Honestly, after monitoring ‘tea’ tonight, I feel proud to work on the shooting method and carelessly, at least my position is higher than you, brat” say another.

“I advise you, if you get money and a permit, you don’t have to go for UTBK, so just go abroad,” said another.

“Keep your spirits up and pray in the era of jockeys’ attacks on the UTBK,” other netizens’ comments.