August 14, 2022

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Known to be tiring, these are 4 reasons that make people willing to stay up late

In my opinion, staying up late is an act of refusing to sleep. Not rejecting sleepiness, because sleepiness will definitely come by itself. Many people are willing to stay up all night.

In fact, often staying up late is just in vain and meaningless. Although in some other ways, staying up late is a form of struggle.

Come to think of it, why would people want to stay up late? In fact, sleepiness is a very difficult thing to fight. Well, here are some reviews!

1. Study

Actually, studying by staying up late is not effective. In fact, it will only cause sleepiness during class hours the next day. Before that, maybe you will have less preparation because you wake up late.

To get better results, you need to manage your study time consistently and with discipline. Do not let learning interfere with sleep, even sleep while studying. For example, you can go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier to study, that’s much better.

2. Working overtime

There are also many people who are willing to stay up late because they are working overtime. Yes, making money is not easy. Many things have to be sacrificed. One of them is bedtime.

However, you still have to try so that your sleep needs are fulfilled properly. An example is to replace the lack of sleep at night by taking time to take a nap.

3. In love

Well, for this one, it’s an excuse to stay up late that really doesn’t make any sense. Namely, infatuation. This happens when you are in love with someone. Then you become a slave to love.

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You and your partner are willing to lose sleep just to be able to chat late into the night or play games together. The point is really a pointless thing.

You would call this a struggle to maintain the relationship. If you think about it, there are actually many other better ways, really!

4. Doing hobbies

Hobbies are one of the reasons why many people are willing to stay up late. An example is watching movies. Watching movies is one of the activities that when done will make you forget the time.

In addition, is writing. Because writing requires complete calm and concentration. It can be obtained freely at night when many people rest.

Another hobby is playing games. Because like watching movies, games are also very likely to make someone feel addicted and forget the time.

Those are the 4 reasons people are willing to stay up late. Are you one of them?