August 18, 2022

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Known as a book lover, GOT7’s Jinyoung admits he rarely reads

GOT7’s Jinyoung is known as a book lover among fans. He also often recommends several book titles to his fans when he appears at certain events.

Not only Korean novels, Jinyoung is also known to read a number of novels by British, French, and even Thai writers.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Friday (29/7/2022), Jinyoung recently held an interview with Cine21where he shares his love of reading making fans love him even more.

When asked about his book lover image, Jinyoung laughed and felt embarrassed. Apparently this image makes Jinyoung look like someone who is smart. Although Jinyoung has a wise side, he often shows his cheerful side rather than serious.

To straighten out the problem, Jinyoung admitted that he really likes books, but actually he doesn’t read much.

Jinyoung categorizes himself as a slow reader, he takes a little longer to understand what he reads. Because he also reads many foreign novels, following the characters in the books he reads is actually quite difficult.

However, this actually shows that Jinyoung is a loyal reader. Faithful means passionate about reading. Even though he doesn’t read much, it is clear that he loves reading and wants to understand all aspects of the books he reads.

Lastly, Jinyoung explained the reason he likes reading books is because he doesn’t want to be left behind. As a K-Pop idol as well as an actor, he doesn’t have much to do alone.

Wherever he went, there were stylists, managers, directors, writers and many more to help him. Because of this, Jinyong wanted to do his best. Use books to enhance his point of view and help him feel more sympathetic to others.

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Jinyoung’s love for books started from his humility to continue to understand other people. This of course describes the true character of Jinyoung. That’s why Ahgases (GOT7 fans) love Jinyoung so much.