September 27, 2022

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Know What Yet? Here are 5 terms of the type of car

When reading automotive news or maybe when looking at automotive advertisements, there is always a certain type of car term that comes up.

Many people may not understand what the term type of car is, here are 5 terms of the type of car:

1. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

SUV Type Car (Twitter/@JaMtoka

Cars with this type of term are cars that are a combination of Jeep, Pick Up, and Sedan.

With the combination of the three models, this SUV type car is a car that can be invited to penetrate all fields.

The characteristics of a car with this type of SUV is that it has a tough look, and has an engine with a fairly high performance (typical of a Jeep car).

Because SUVs can be driven to penetrate all terrains, this type of SUV has a high ground clearance or distance from the car body to the ground (a characteristic of Pick Up cars), with the sedan character clearly depicted on the legs and interior. SUV is comfortable to drive.

Examples of SUV type cars are Honda CR-V, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Rush, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Daihatsu Terios, Wuling Almaz, DFSK Glory560, Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Kona, Mazda CX5, and others.

2. MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle)

MPV Type Car (Twitter/@siboforlife86)
MPV Type Car (Twitter/@siboforlife86)

MPV type cars are also often referred to as family cars, this is because MPV type cars can carry many people. Not only can this type of car transport many people, it can also be conditioned to carry a lot of goods, this can be done because the second and third row MPV type cars can be folded.

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In MPV type cars, there is also the term LMPV (Low Multi Purpose Vehicle) which is inhabited by Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia, Mitsubishi Expander, Honda Mobilio, Suzuki Ertiga, Wuling Cortez products, and others.

3. Hatchback

Hatchback Type Car (Twitter/@NabilShamsudin)
Hatchback Type Car (Twitter/@NabilShamsudin)

Hatchback is a type of car that has a sedan base but does not have a tail or tail as a trunk.

But this type of car still has a trunk, although minimal, the location of the trunk of this type of car is behind the passenger seat. To make it easier to put things in the trunk, the door design of the hatchback type car is made to open up.

Examples of hatchback type cars are Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i20, are some examples of cars that have a hatchback type.

4. City car

City Car Type Car (Twitter/@twwhiteandsons)
City Car Type Car (Twitter/@twwhiteandsons)

A city car is a type of car that is similar to a hatchback type car, but if you look closely, a city car has smaller dimensions than a hatchback.

Therefore, the type of city car that has a cabin that contains four people will feel narrower, besides that the city car type has a small engine capacity.

Examples of city car types are Suzuki Ignis, Honda Brio, Daihatsu Sirion, and others.

5. LCGC (Low Cost Green Car)

LCGC Type Car (Twitter/@NdzaviDerrick)
LCGC Type Car (Twitter/@NdzaviDerrick)

This type of LCGC car has characteristics that match the term type of car, namely low emissions, fuel efficient, and has a low price.

Because it is fuel efficient, the LCGC type car uses an engine that has a small capacity (mostly 1,000-1,200cc)

While the question of the price of a car with the most expensive type of LCGC has a maximum price of around Rp. 150 million.

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Examples of LCGC type cars are Toyota Calya, Toyota Agya, Daihatsu Sigra, Suzuki Karimun Wagon R, Honda Brio Satya, Datsun GO, and others.

Those are the 5 terms of the type of car, hopefully it will be useful and increase knowledge.