December 1, 2022

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Know the Uniqueness of Fireworks in Japan and the Right Way to Enjoy It

In Japanese, fireworks are called Hanabi, which are flowers of fire or flower-shaped fire. Mentioned in the website matcha-jp, fireworks in Japan’s Sakura country is something beautiful. In July-August, fireworks are lit all over Japan, and there are even festivals, such as the Adachi Fireworks Festival, Tenjin Matsuri Hono Hanabi Takikai, Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival, Naniwa Yodogawa, and Minato Kobe. Why are fireworks called something special in Japan? Find the answer below!

The History and Origin of Fireworks in Japan

When it comes to fireworks in Japan, there are many versions explaining their origin. The most popular is the version which states that fireworks first appeared during the Edo shogunate era, Ieyasu Tokgawa where he received a gift from a Chinese merchant and the King of England, James I. This gift was the forerunner to the creation of fireworks culture in Japan.

Since then, important figures used to gather on the banks of the Sumida River to enjoy the fireworks display while enjoying the cool summer breeze. Meanwhile, the first fireworks festival was held in 1733. At that time a fireworks display was held to entertain people and soothe the millions who died in poverty that hit Japan at that time. The fireworks festival which was later called the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival later became an annual summer festival.

The Secret to the Uniqueness of Fireworks in Japan

Fireworks festivals don’t just exist in Japan. Many countries in the world hold similar festivals. However, Japan has its own interesting features. For the Japanese, seeing the fireworks display is the same as seeing flowers in spring. In the fireworks festival in Japan, the fireworks display lasts for 1-2 hours. The scale varies, from small scales that are usually held in less popular locations to large scales that are held at famous places in Japan.

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How to Enjoy the Right Fireworks Festival

Most fireworks festivals are held free of charge. Visitors usually spread plastic mats around the venue. In order not to run out of seats, it’s best to arrive early before the show. In addition, there is also a paid fireworks festival where visitors must make a ticket reservation in advance.

Visitors can bring food and drinks while waiting for the peak event. During the festival, there are usually many booths selling various foods and drinks on site.

Then, what is the right outfit to come to this festival? Actually there are no special rules regarding this. But most of the visitors are wearing yukata. That way the fireworks festival is the perfect time to show off the best yukata and obi you have. However, if you want to wear casual clothes, that’s fine. Because it’s summer, most visitors wear light clothing and wear comfortable footwear.

How, interested in enjoying the fireworks display in Japan? Who do you think you will invite to this romantic event?