December 2, 2022

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Know, 5 Tips to Not Sleepy and Sleep after Eating

Sleep after eating? You may even often experience after eating a feeling of drowsiness. If that happens you should avoid sleeping. The reason is, sleeping after eating can cause disease. In addition, it can cause obesity. But if sleepy? Isn’t sleepiness the only cure for sleep?

Then how to not sleepy and sleep after eating?

There are several ways you can do to prevent sleeping after eating because of the drowsiness that hit. Here are 5 tips so you don’t get sleepy and sleep after eating Alodokter.

1. Reduce consumption of certain types of food

The first is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. To prevent sleep after eating, you can reduce consumption of foods that contain sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

For example, if you usually eat fried foods, you can reduce the portion of fried foods you eat or not eat them at all.

2. Reduce the portion of food, increase the frequency

The next tip is to reduce food portions. It’s just that so that the body still gets enough intake you can increase the frequency to be more frequent. The large portion—especially rice—has the potential to cause drowsiness.

3. Increase water

More water can increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. So when the blood flowing to the brain is reduced because it focuses on the stomach, there is still something that carries oxygen to the brain.

4. Don’t lie down after eating

Lying down after eating is tantamount to supporting your body to become tired. In addition, lying down after eating can lead to obesity. And lying down after eating can cause a feeling of laziness to do activities.

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5. Exercise regularly

One of the causes that makes a person sleepy after eating is a lack of exercise. The body that lacks exercise tends to get weak easily, especially after eating. It’s better if you do light physical activity after every meal so you don’t feel sleepy.

Those are 5 tips so you don’t get sleepy and sleep after eating. If you have tried the tips above but are still sleepy and want to go to bed immediately after eating, try consulting a doctor so that an examination can be carried out immediately.