October 6, 2022


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Know 5 Characteristics of Cinderella Complex, Dependence on Men

Have you ever heard of Cinderella Complex syndrome? Cinderella is depicted as a princess from a simple family who marries a prince she meets at a dance. The daughter’s name was used as a designation by Colette Dowling, a therapist from New York and the author of the book “The Cinderella Complex”. Cinderella Complex Syndrome is a popular term for women who are dependent on male figures.

This syndrome has not been studied in depth and cannot be defined as a psychological disorder, but Cinderella Complex syndrome is closely related to psychological disorders, namely dependent personality disorder. Dependent personality disorder is a personality disorder in which a person is very dependent on others, he is unable to live independently.

Quote from HellodocPeople with Cinderella Complex often depend on other people for their lives or are taken care of by others, this is a subconscious desire. The majority occur in women who feel very much want to be protected and always need a man in their life.

Here are 5 characteristics of Cinderella Complex sufferers that you need to know!

1. Can Be Caused By Parenting

One of the characteristics of this syndrome is the treatment of parenting as a child, even the Cinderella Complex is closely related to parenting.

Usually girls are more pampered than boys. The pressure and protection of parents on girls is stronger so that it is a big consequence that girls tend to live limited lives and have a high dependence on their parents.

2. No Special Symptoms

Often found in women, in fact this syndrome is not only suffered by spoiled women but independent women can experience the same thing, because this syndrome has no special symptoms.

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But in general, people with Cinderella Complex syndrome tend to accept all decisions and choices from their partners, and demand their partners as saviors, protectors, protectors, and also provide all their needs.

3. Difficulty Making Decisions

People with Cinderella Complex always want someone to take care of them, making decisions for their own lives is very difficult to do, even though it is a big decision in their own life.

Usually they need opinions or input from other people, especially their partners. They will be happy to obey orders or suggestions from others without considering his opinion.

4. Trying to Perfect Yourself to Like Men

This syndrome really needs the role of a man to protect it, so people with Cinderella Complex will always try to perfect themselves with the aim of attracting the attention of men, both in nature and appearance.

They tend to be feminine, gentle, and kind like Cinderella.

5. Anxious Living Alone

People with this syndrome will usually feel afraid to live alone. He cannot make decisions alone and hopes that others can help him.

They will also find it very difficult to support themselves.

Those are the five characteristics of the Cinderella Complex. This syndrome has not been categorized as a mental health problem, and there are no specific diagnostic and treatment procedures for this condition. But if you feel the five characteristics above, it never hurts to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist.