December 2, 2022

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KKNT Student Group 12 UPNVJT Invites Darmo Village Residents to Apply KRPL

KKNT students of the 12 Veterans East Java group invited residents of RT 7/ RW 4 in Darmo Village to implement the Sustainable Food House Area program or commonly called KRPL on land and small alleys around the house. The KRPL program is carried out by planting vegetables using the vertical culture technique using used bottle media.

This vegetable planting activity is carried out by utilizing used drink bottles that are no longer used, this is done with the aim of reducing plastic bottle waste and also teaching the public to reuse used goods, especially plastic bottles to be processed into other, more useful goods.

The planting activity was carried out on June 12 in the morning until noon, the activity was carried out by preparing equipment for planting such as used bottles, ropes, soil, fertilizer and seeds which were first sown the previous week. The used bottles are then cut at the top to put fertilizer and vegetable seeds, then holes are given at the bottom to remove excess water in the bottles. Then the bottles are arranged lengthwise vertically with 5 bottles per series.

This activity was attended by Mrs. Muhammad as the Head of RT 07/RW 04 Darmo Village. The planting activity was also enthusiastically welcomed by local residents, with the majority being attended by women and some men who were around the planting site.

The planting location is carried out in front of small alleys in front of the houses of local residents, the location was chosen because of suggestions and input from local residents regarding the lack of plants and also to beautify the environment at the location.

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During the planting process, students were assisted by local residents starting from the process of planting vegetable seeds assisted by mothers, and also assisted by gentlemen in the process of arranging wood which would be a place to put plants.

The activity went smoothly with the result that various kinds of vegetables were planted, such as green spinach, mustard greens, tomatoes, kale, basil, cayenne pepper and red chilies. This verticulture planting activity aims to meet household needs and the verticulture method of planting is also very suitable to be applied to urban areas.

“This verticulture planting activity is carried out with the hope that it can meet the needs of vegetables for cooking or the household needs of the surrounding community, because this technique does not require a large area of ​​land so it is suitable to be practiced in urban areas such as in Surabaya,” said the Chair of the KKNT 12 Group. on citizens.