October 1, 2022


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Kim Woojin Adds Still Dream World Tour Destinations, Here Are The Details

According to Kim Woojin’s official Twitter and Instagram posts, the solo artist added 4 more cities to the schedule and destinations for his first world tour. Titled Still Dream which is the title will start taking place in July 2022. Here we go, here are some of the full schedule updates.

1. July 17th in Milan, Italy

Launching from the official website Woojin.net, the location of the concert will be held on a music stage in the city of Milan, to be precise at the Legend Club.

2. July 18 in Zurich, Switzerland

The concert event will take place at the concert hall which has been around since 1992, the Moods building which includes an indoor bar for drinks.

3. August 6 in Madrid, Spain

The Independence Club is a place that CUBs (Woojin fans) must visit to watch Kim Woojin perform in Madrid.

4. August 7 in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Woojin and his team agreed to hold a concert “Still Dream” In one of the famous auditoriums in Barcelona, ​​the La Nau building or known as The Sana Lanau has an area of ​​300 square meters for music events.

The rest, if there is any latest news regarding additions or changes to the schedule, we can see it directly on the twitter account (@woooojinn) or instagram account (woooojin0408). Or it can also be through other media such as this article.

Regardless of the concert schedule “Still Dream” fickle, the solo artist started his solo career in 2021 with a mini album under 10X Entertainment. Kim Woojin embarked on a precious journey as trainee and finally debuted with Stray Kids.

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He left the male music group from JYP in 2019 and re-debuted as a soloist who puts his music and vocal strength first. Treating wounds that arise as a result of the previous decision to leave.

Now the 25-year-old man has successfully held his first world tour concert, and is enthusiastically welcomed by international fans.

Wow! Do you think it will be added to Indonesia or not? We can still hope because of the addition of this schedule. What do you think? Is there a chance that our beloved homeland is visited by Kim Woojin or not?