July 2, 2022


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Kim Min Kyu Discusses ‘Kissing Glasses’ Scene in Drama A Business Proposal

Kim Min Kyu recently appeared on the MBC Radio Star program on June 15, 2022. The 1994-born actor has completed the drama project A Business Proposal which recently aired some time ago.

Kim Min Kyu as second lead in the drama A Business Proposal as Cha Sung Hoon. Cha Sung Hoon is the personal secretary of Kang Tae Mu (Ahn Hyo Seop) who is also his childhood friend.

Despite acting as second leads, but Kim Min Kyu is also getting a lot of attention because of his relationship with Seol In Ah. In the drama, Seol In Ah plays Jin Young Seo, a best friend of Shin Ha Ri (Kim Sejeong).

There is one scene hits between Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah in the drama A Business Proposal which was discussed in the Radio Star program this time. The ‘Kissing Glasses’ scene that got a lot of hot reactions at that time.

Quoting from South Korean media News1, Kim Min Kyu realized that his popularity is currently increasing. He who recently attended a fan meeting in Japan said, “I met the fans in the area and I know that they received a lot of love, and 2,400 people came.“.

Regarding the ‘Kissing Glasses’ scene, Kim Min Kyu, who was originally said to be similar to Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Hyun Woo, and Park Bo Gum. Now better known as ‘Kissing Glasses’.

Previously, Kim Min Kyu did not expect a hot reaction from the ‘Kissing Glasses’ scene. It says that it is ad-lib.

When asked by para cast Radio Star about him wearing glasses in the drama. Kim Min Kyu replied, “There are original works. There are novels and webtoons, but as a fan of webtoons, I appreciate the synchronicity. So I said that I should wear glasses. Unconditional.“.

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Explaining again about the ‘Kissing Glasses’ scene, Kim Min Kyu said, “I do not know how to focus on the glasses. Initially, I was more focused on kissing. During kissing practice, my glasses got in my way. So I took off my glasses while kissing. Just because kissing was uncomfortable, but it became a big topic,“.

Kim Eana, one of cast Radio Star teased Kim Min Kyu with his response, “How do you not know that, don’t lie.“, “Isn’t that sexy from anyone’s point of view?” he continued.

Kim Eana also added, “Isn’t this intentional when someone who wears glasses takes off their glasses, as guys say they look cool when they roll up their sleeves and when they come back to the parking lot, isn’t it me? Gonna rub my face somewhere?‘ he asked with a laugh.

Kim Min Kyu confessed, “I want a memorable kiss scene like Lee Byung-hun’s ‘Candy Kiss’. So I refer a lot of works abroad. Most men (at work) kiss roughly. I can learn from that.“.