October 6, 2022


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Kim Jong Hyun Shares Honest Information About NU’EST’s Disbandment by the Agency

Actor Kim Jong Hyun, also known as JR, former leader of NU’EST, shared his feelings after the group’s disbandment.

Last February 2022, NU’EST announced the 10th anniversary of their career as well as the disbandment of their group. Several members decided to leave the agency, namely Kim Jong Hyun, Aron, and Ren. Meanwhile Baekho and Hwang Minhyun renewed their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment.

Along with this news, Kim Jong Hyun announced that he had signed an exclusive contract with EVERMORE Entertainment as a solo actor and singer.

Quoting from Kim Jong Hyun’s interview with the magazine The Star Magazine through soompi, Kim Jong Hyung expressed his gratitude to the fans who supported him even when he was no longer part of the group that catapulted his name. Served as leader group, Kim Jong Hyung expressed his feelings about the group’s disbandment, “I have many thoughts as a member and not a leader. I’m looking forward to new beginnings, but I’m also afraid to stand alone. I think I experienced various emotions.”

Not completely leaving as a singer, Kim Jong Hyun also tried the world of acting and shared about his activities as an actor, “I think I can see a side of myself that I didn’t know. I could be the angry Kim Jong Hyun or the crying Kim Jong Hyun. I think I will be able to show a different side of me.”

Kim Jong Hyun once starred in the drama ‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ as the bassist in the Luna band, named Lee Shin. In the drama he collided with Lee Jun Young, Jang Dong Joo, Yoon Ji Sung, and Kim Dong Hyun.

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Lastly, Kim Jong Hyun sent a message to his fans and promised to show a new side of himself, “There are people who support me, so I think I can work hard with strength [mereka memberi saya]. I will work harder to show them more sides of me.”

Kim Jong Hyun will hold his first fan meeting after his solo career debut which will take place on July 2, 2022 at Jamsil Student Gymnasium. This marks his first official promotion since joining Evermore Entertainment.