December 2, 2022

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Kim Eana Gives Spoiler About BTS V: He’s Preparing For Solo Debut

This week, BTS stirred up misunderstandings among fans by announcing their plans to take a temporary break from group activities. Their words are considered by the public as a farewell to this phenomenal group. The agency and the members also spoke up to straighten out the confusing news that had been circulating.

They clarified that BTS was only reducing group activities so the members could focus on their individual careers. That way, it doesn’t mean BTS will disband. According to the agency, instead of disbanding, this moment is actually “Chapter 2” of BTS’ career journey.

It is known that J-Hope BTS is the first member to make his solo debut. Although there has been no announcement about which member will follow J-Hope in the future, yesterday it was just revealed that V is currently working on his first solo album with famous lyricist Kim Eana.

kbizoom launch, this was revealed from the broadcast of the MBC program ‘Radio Star’ yesterday (15/6/22) which invited a famous lyricist in South Korea, Kim Eana. He confessed that he was working with BTS’s V for his upcoming solo album,

“V asked to work with me through Park Hyo Shin. Previously, Park Hyo Shin asked me, ‘Can you give Taehyung your phone number?’ I wonder if he meant BTS’s V.”

He continued, “After confirming it, I was shocked and didn’t understand why V wanted to contact me. Later I found out that he was preparing his solo debut album, and I also received several demos of his new song.”

Kim Eana then revealed that V is very serious about work and passionate about music, “Whenever V and Park Hyo Shin meet, they only talk about music. They often play and sing together.”

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Through Kim Eana’s confession, fans are now guessing whether the member who will debut solo next is V BTS. Kim Eana herself is a famous K-pop lyricist who has composed the hit songs ‘Lucky’ from EXO, ‘Good Day’ and ‘You and I’ by IU, ‘Dream’ from Suzy, ‘Hello’ from SHINee, and many more. . Therefore, his collaboration with V is raising fans’ expectations for V’s solo debut album.