December 6, 2022

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Kep1er Comeback after Queendoom 2, Challenge to be Summer Queen through UP!

Girl group Kep1er will challenge to become the next generation “Summer Queen” with “Up!”. Launching from KBIZoom on (6/20/2022), a showcase was held at Yes24 Live Hall, Gucheonmyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of June 20, to commemorate the release of girl group Kep1er’s second mini-album titled “DOUBLAST”. Kep1er released the stage and music video of their new song “Up!” for the first time and share stories.

Kep1er will reunite after 5 months when releasing their second mini album “DOUBLAST” via online music sites at 6 p.m. KST June 20. “DOUBLAST” is an album containing the adventure story of 9 girls who took a strong first step with the debut song “WA DA DA”. Kep1er plans to invite fans to “Kep1er Island” and tell the story of the brilliant music of 9 colors through 5 songs.

Leader Choi Yu Jin said, “We really worked hard on this album to repay you for giving us so much love during ‘WA DA DA’. I’m nervous and excited because it’s a comeback after 6 months. I hope you enjoy the performance. us today.” Kang Ye Seo added, “I was so nervous this time that I couldn’t sleep. It’s good to be with fans. This time we prepared “Up!” and please love our performance.”

Their title track is Up! is a song that enhances the refreshing summer atmosphere by combining energetic vocals and cute lyrics on top of the combination of the rhythmic punk house genre and soulful house genre. Choi Yu Jin said, “If we show charisma with ‘WA DA DA’, this time, our goal is to be young, fresh and happy. We will happily enjoy our activities”.

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Kim Chae Hyun went on to say, “This is our first time trying this concept. We want to get reviews like ‘You’re good at this too'”. Kim Da Yeon hinted, “An energetic appearance is strength, so we will attract attention with a dance break”.

In addition, this new album contains 5 songs containing various musical styles, from “LE VOYA9E”, which depicts the journey that 9 members will take together, “Attention”, which depicts the mysterious joy between the two outside of friends, “Good Night”. , the song about the cute appearance of a girl who falls asleep when she feels sad to say goodbye, to “Rewind”, the fan song that sings about the warm promise to be with fans who always cheer for Kep1er.

Kep1ers are expected to showcase their abilities with various genres such as house punk, minimal pop, moombahton, dance pop, medium tempo R&B, as well as show the synergy of high-quality music with energetic vocals, rhythmic rap, catchy performances and fresh identities.

Then the members talked about what they got from appearing on Mnet’s “Queendom 2”. Mashiro said, “There were some parts that were physically difficult while preparing for ‘Queendom 2’ and our comeback at the same time, but it was an honor to be with my favorite senior”.

Kang Ye Seo continued, “I always wanted to present a perfect performance with my sister without losing my original intention. I hope that many people will recognize Kep1er through the promotion of ‘Up!’. Regarding Kep1er’s strength that sets them apart from other groups, Seo Young Eun answered, “The members have good chemistry, confidence on stage, and teamwork.” Kim Da Yeon said, “Please pay attention to our energetic dance performance in ‘Up’!”.

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Seo Youn Eun talked about Kep1er’s differences during Queendom 2, “We know each other’s strengths because our team has been together since ‘Girls Planet 999’. We know this better through ‘Queendom 2’. Thanks to this, I think we have more. ‘chemistry’ than other groups”. Regarding the comeback on the same day as Loona, he added, “I know LOONA seniors will also comeback today. We are related. Their concept photos are beautiful, so I’m looking forward to their comeback, I want to meet them soon.”

Xiaoting expressed her wish, “I want to surpass 100 million views with the music video ‘Up!’ and I want to win first place on music shows. Please love ‘Up!’ a lot.” Mashiro promised, “If the music video reaches 30 million views, we will show a special choreography video”.

Kep1er will unveil the performance of their new song for the first time through “Kep1er DOUBLAST On Air” on Mnet and M2 YouTube channels at 8 pm KST on June 20.