September 26, 2022

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Keep well! These 3 Dangers of Junk Food You Need to Beware of

In today’s era, Junk Food or what can be called fast food can be found everywhere. This happened because of the high public interest in this type of food, because of its savory taste and fast presentation.

Not only that, the advertisements on social media that are designed so attractively and look very delicious make Junk Food skyrocketing in popularity. Though, consuming Junk Food in large quantities is not healthy you know.

Quoting from page Halodoc.comthis happens because junk food tend to have low nutritional value, high in fat, sugar, and salt, thereby increasing the body’s risk of suffering from various diseases.

Here are 3 dangers junk food which you need to watch out for.

1. Decreased brain ability

According to page Halodoc.comconsume junk food for five days in a row, can reduce the ability of the brain to think. This happens because fat is believed to cause memory problems and memory loss junk food are foods that are high in fat.

Not only that, junk food It also has high sugar and salt content. Consuming large amounts of sugar and salt can impair hippocampal memory.

2. Disrupt the respiratory system

How come? That’s because, quoting from, excessive calories from fast food can increase body weight and increase the risk of obesity. Obesity itself increases the risk of respiratory disorders such as asthma and difficulty breathing.

Even, also mentions children who eat fast food more than 3 times a week tend to be more at risk of developing asthma.

3. Addiction and depression

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These two things can not be separated from the dangers of fast food. It tastes delicious and is easy to get to make consumers junk food it’s easy to get addicted. When you feel so addicted, when you don’t eat junk food you will feel depressed.

To get addicted junk food more terrible, also cites health data from National Libra of Medicine who mentions junk food can increase the risk of mental disorders and the tendency to violence in children and adolescents.

Wow! The dangers of fast food are terrible, aren’t they? Come on, reduce the consumption of fast food and start eating healthy foods for our health in the future.