August 8, 2022

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Keep Promise, Jimin BTS Flys to Chicago to Support J-Hope

BTS fans of course can’t wait to watch J-Hope BTS stage action at the festival Lollapalooza. Although J-Hope himself admitted that he was nervous because he was the headline for the big event, another BTS member, Jimin, made sure that J-Hope was not alone.

Quote from Koreaboo on Sunday (31/7/2022), Jimin was recently seen flying to Chicago to watch J-Hope’s performance at the concert Lollapalooza.

BTS fans were touched after learning the news of Jimin’s departure to Chicago to support J-Hope.

Park Jimin always supports his brother J-Hope, he is very sweet. Good luck to your destination, Jimin,” wrote one fan.

Jimin went to Chicago to support J-Hope, Bangtan does have a strong brotherhood,” wrote another fan.

I saw some fans also said that Jungkook, V, and Suga were also secretly following them.”

I’m really curious as to what plans they’ll have after the concert, but we’ll only find out later once everything’s clear.”

The fans again remembered that Jimin’s presence to support J-Hope was a promise he kept.

On one of the V-Live broadcasts with BTS some time ago, J-Hope, Jimin, and V chatted with their fans, and Jimin accidentally shared a spoiler about J-Hope’s solo concert.

When the three talked about attending a concert together, Jimin talked about the three attending a concert in the United States together.

Let’s go together another time“said Jimin.

Let’s go together,” replied J-Hope.

V replied, “We can come again.”

We can go together another time‘ Jimin answered.

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However, When J-Hope asked which concert they were going to, Jimin accidentally leaked it Lollapalooza.

Which concert?‘ asked J-Hope.

J-Hope solo concert‘ Jimin answered.

The fans were touched because Jimin kept his promise to watch J-Hope’s solo performance at the festival Lollapalooza held in Chicago.

That was the latest news from Jimin BTS who was seen leaving for Chicago to provide support to his teammate, J-Hope. What do you think?