December 6, 2022

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KBS Music Bank Lineup Episode 1122, There’s a SECRET NUMBER

Entering the 1122th episode, the KBS Music Bank program will present several artists who will promote their latest song. Through KBS WORLD TV’s Twitter on June 10, 2022, they officially announced lineup Music Bank KBS episode 1122 which will be attended by 14 artists.

Lineup Music Bank KBS episode 1122 that airs today, namely BLANK2Y, BVNDIT, CLASS:y, LIGHTSUM, SECRET NUMBER, SEMA, TNX, TRENDZ, VICTON, woo! ah!, YOUNITE, DINDIN, ONEUS, U-MIN, JO YURI, and Forestella. Change lineup can change at any time if there is something urgent.

BLANK2Y, BVNDIT, CLASS:y, LIGHTSUM, TNX, YOUNITE, ONEUS, and JO YURI will continue promoting their previous songs. Meanwhile, for the first time, SECRET NUMBER, SEMA, TRENDZ, VICTON, woo!ah!, DINDIN, U-MIN, and Forestella will introduce their newest song on KBS’s Music Bank event today.

SECRET NUMBER just did comeback on June 8 with the release of the album DOOMCHITA which has a very different concept from their previous album. SEMA will perform their new song, ‘Lie’.

boy group who just debuted earlier this year, TRENDZ will be coming with their newest song ‘WHO’. While the 4th gen idol, VICTON appeared with the song ‘Stupid O’clock’ which was released at the end of May.

Performance of the song ‘Danger’ belongs girl group woo! ah! You can also watch it today on KBS Music Bank. In addition, DINDIN will introduce the song ‘Should not love you Part.2’, U-MIN with the song ‘Real Love’, and Forestella with the song ‘Save our lives’.

In the previous 1121 episode, SEVENTEEN with their newest song ‘HOT’ managed to bring home the victory trophy. The song ‘HOT’ managed to get 13816 points in just 3 days since its release. To date, these points are the highest points on Music Bank in 2022.

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As usual, Music Bank will be broadcast live live via the KBS WORLD TV YouTube channel. Still being guided by MC JangKkuzz, Wonyoung IVE and Sunghoon ENHYPEN, Music Bank will air today (10/06/2022) at 17.00 KST or 15.00 KST.