September 27, 2022

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KARA Reportedly There’s a 15th Anniversary Project, Let’s Hit the Nostalgic Song!

Five KARA members, namely Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, Nicole, Kang Ji Young, and Heo Young Ji, on June 11 uploaded their together photos through their respective Instagram accounts. In the post they marked each other’s accounts member others include the late Goo Hara. Shared photos are also given caption reads “Kamilia Day” and “15 years of KARA”. Kamilia is a fan name girl group the K-pop.

soompi reported on Tuesday (14/6/2022) that DSP Media revealed that KARA is currently discussing various possibilities including the release of songs and other activities. Currently, KARA personnel are under different agencies, so a long discussion is needed. According to the agency that debuted KARA, the fans member have the desire to be able to hold events together as well as commemorate their 15th debut anniversary.

While waiting for more information, it’s time to reminisce with KARA’s songs. For K-pop listeners who are not familiar with KARA, let’s try to listen to their iconic works!

1. “Mr.

Songs from the album “Revolution” which was released in 2009 has become a KARA song that appears very often on variety shows because “Mr.” have motion dance and part which ‘catchy‘ so that it is easy to imitate and often reenacted. If you search on Spotify, this song is KARA’s most-played work.

2. “Jumping

Jumping” is a song from the Japanese debut album which also opened KARA’s success in the land of cherry blossoms. The Korean version of “Jumping” was also released and managed to win several times on music shows.

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3. “Lupine

In 2010, KARA released the album “Lupine” with title track same title. The success of the song is evidenced by its position which once ranked 1st on the charts. The album’s concept is also interesting because it was inspired by the fictional work “Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief” by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

4. “STEP”

The song, which was launched in 2011, is no less exciting. The music video is full of color and the music up beat vigorously. Albums “steps” He was also nominated for Album of the Year at the 2012 Golden Disc Awards.

5. “Pandora

A decade ago, KARA scored another hit piece from their 5th mini-album. This album was made with a concept based on Greek mythology. “Pandora” also successfully topped various charts and won number one on weekly music shows.

In addition to the five popular songs from KARA above, there are still many of their songs that are pleasant to listen to such as “Mamma Mia“,”Cupid“, and “Honey“Happy 15th debut anniversary to KARA!