September 27, 2022

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Kahogo no Kahoko SP Movie: When A Spoiled Girl Runs a Household

Remember Kahoko Nemoto, the girl who was treated overprotectively by her mother? The spoiled girl character in the drama series “Kahogo no Kahoko“It’s now back with a story after he got married and started a new life in Japanese films”Kahogo no Kahoko SP“.

Film Kahogo no Kahoko SP set one year after the drama series Kahogo no Kahoko. This film is about Kahoko Nemoto (played by Mitsuki Takahata) and Hajime Mugino (played by Ryoma Takeuchi) who are married. They live at the house of Kahoko’s grandmother who is now dead while taking care of her grandfather.

Even though Kahoko has started to be independent and has a family, she still finds it difficult to do household chores. He often wakes up late and is overwhelmed when tidying the house, washing dishes and clothes, and is not good at cooking.

Kahoko is now working at her daycare called “Kahoko’s House”. He founded the daycare with his father’s family with the aim of helping parents who do not have time to take care of their children.

However, the child care business was also not going so well. Many parents pay late, but also often arrive too early to leave their children and are late when they pick them up. Her aunt complains that they are losing money and can’t even pay Kahoko.

Meanwhile, Hajime is now working part time at a cafe. He still believes in his dream to become a famous painter and surpass Pablo Picasso, and often boasts to his co-workers that his wife is a huge fan of his paintings.

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Even after Kahoko comes home from work, she is again confused with household chores that never go wrong. The grandfather could not help much, because his young age often made his body feel pain, he also did not understand how to use a washing machine.

In the midst of their busy lives, Kahoko’s mother, Izumi Nemoto (Hitomi Kuroki) who had expected Kahoko to have trouble handling her homework, often came to Kahoko’s residence and took care of all the work. Until one day, the mother not only came to help Kahoko, but also asked when Kahoko and Hajime would think about having children. He also expressed his concern about Kahoko and Hajime’s financial condition.

Despite the difficulties, Kahoko still tries to do her best, because she has promised her late grandmother to look after the family after her grandmother’s death. However, not only household and work problems, Kahoko also has to deal with the problem of her father who intends to stop working and is threatened with divorce from his mother.

How does Kahoko deal with all of that? Will he be able to keep his promise to his late grandmother to keep the family together? Watch the sequel in the movie Kahogo no Kahoko SP. Enjoy watching!