July 2, 2022


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JYP Entertainment Announces Vegan Cosmetics Release in Japan, Ready to Try It?

GLOBAL NEWS Announce, One Thing, the cosmetics company acquired by Aekyung Industrial, and SIORIS, the organic cosmetics brand invested by JYP, are working hard to promote Korean vegan cosmetics in the Japanese market. As the demand for vegan cosmetics is increasing in Japan, beauty items introduced by domestic cosmetic brands are also showing their presence in the Japanese market.

According to the industry on Thursday (23/6/2022), vegan cosmetics refer to products that are made without using ingredients that are harmful to animals and without testing on animals. Amid growing awareness of animal welfare and environmental protection, more and more consumers are researching the ingredients, and various vegan cosmetics are competing in Japan.

Onething, acquired by Aekyung Industrial last month, is a skincare-based cosmetics company with a brand philosophy of delivering value to customers by focusing on key ingredients to maximize the content of good ingredients and exclude unnecessary price increases. Its main feature is to make one product with one ingredient. The signature item is a 100% plant-based lotion that uses only ingredients that have obtained EWG class 1.

Aekyung Industrial chooses skin toner products that focus on cosmetic core ingredients such as Centella asiatica, Eosongcho, and Injin mugwort extract as Onething’s main products. Recently, it expanded its skincare-focused lineup with the launch of an essence serum and sunscreen. It has entered digital platforms in Japan, China, the United States and Southeast Asia and is showing high sales growth.

Sioris, invested by JYP Entertainment, obtained vegan certification from the British Vegan Society in June 2019. The cosmetics are made using fresh, organic ingredients produced in Korea. We present high quality skin care products that help the skin do its job through natural ingredients.

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Sioris said that in the future his party will cooperate with research institutions to explore various plant materials and continue to research their properties. Apart from paying attention to cosmetic containers to create a sustainable culture, we plan to continue activities such as expanding organic farming, planting trees, and donating 1% of sales to environmental groups.