January 30, 2023


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Juyeon The Boyz Reveals Classical History in Song She’s The Boss

Song comeback The Boyz’s latest Japanese title She’s The Boss” has a uniqueness that is rarely noticed. The white female statue behind the ten members, anyone know? In an interview with the media Front Row Yesterday, before leaving for the world tour, a member of The Boyz, Juyeon, revealed details about their latest mini album.

“The title track, ‘She’s The Boss’ is like Jeanne d’Arc. With lyrics to protect her, the song impresses with its captivating performances and intense music,” Juyeon explained to the media Front Row.

Who is Jeanne d’Arc? She is a badass heroine in the 15th century, when the world saw women as second class. Jeanne was considered a knight because she was able to lead troops and score several victories in the war that was happening.

Maybe this is why the main song is titled “She’s The Boss”, because Jeanne was the boss or squad leader at the time. In the lyrics of the song itself, The Boyz is an army led by Jeanne d’Arc.

The following are excerpts of the lyrics that have been translated from Japanese to English. Reported from the lyricskpop.net page.

Cut the headwind and keep fighting without fear Just stand up You are strong and beautiful Jeanne d’Arc, the one who leads us In order to be like you I am…

If we look at The Boyz’s official channel on the album “She’s The Boss”we can see that the cover featured for those songs is a statue of a winged woman holding a sword in a green courtyard.

Is this a theory or not? Especially because in addition to the discography and stunning performances of KPOP idols, there is a riddle story that makes fans become impromptu detectives tasked with solving the mystery behind each idol’s content.

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Despite the confusing theory, The Boyz are currently on their world tour with 10 members. Eric is still unable to attend due to health problems, and the latest news reports that many members have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Boyz will be visiting Indonesia, Deobi Indo can definitely fulfill the health protocol, right! Let the cogans also be safe from the virus.