August 8, 2022

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Just Released First Episode, Irene’s Work & Holiday is Back to Debate

On August 4th, Irene Red Velvet’s reality show, ‘Irene’s Work & Holiday’ aired its first episode and began to show the daily life of the Red Velvet member.

Launch allkpopIn the first episode of ‘Irene’s Work & Holiday’, the camera seemed to follow Irene through her daily schedule which started with a visit to the salon. While doing her hair, Irene chatted with the staff and politely asked her makeup artist if they had breakfast.

Even though Irene started the first episode with her calm and down-to-earth side, netizens are still debating the reality show in the online community. They pointed out that it seems that SM Entertainment is trying to clean up the image of Irene that was negatively affected during her attitude controversy in 2020.

Netizens commented, “I can see they are trying hard to change Irene’s image, lol,” “They should show Irene being relaxed with the staff, it really shows what they’re trying to do,” “It’s so funny because the point of the show is so clear, lol, ” and “They’re trying to clean up his image.”

On the other hand, fans opened their voices to defend Irene and reply to netizens who wrote negative comments about the idol. These fans commented,

“People who say they hate Irene, why do you guys keep watching her shows? Lol. I’m just curious,” “People just attack her thinking now is an opportunity,” “These people are losers, they jump at every opportunity to have them critique it,” “It seems like people are just taking screenshots of this show to use in a negative way,” and, “I think these people have an inferiority complex, lol.”

Irene herself has stumbled upon controversy power abuse (abuse of power) that he committed to his staff. This issue arose after the staff member admitted that he was treated badly by Irene through verbal abuse.

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Irene, who has admitted her mistake, has also apologized to the public and related staff. After the case was over, he then decided to take a one-year hiatus before re-joining Red Velvet’s activities in 2021.

Due to this, the public who have not fully accepted Irene after the controversy in the past are suspicious of the new reality program and continue to argue about it. What do you think about this endless debate?