December 6, 2022

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Jung Eun Hye Confesses It Feels Like Down Syndrome, There Are Changes After Starring Our Blues

Actress Jung Eun Hye, who impressed the public with her appearance as Young Hee, a character with Down Syndrome, in the tvN drama “Our Blues,” said she was aware of her popularity.

Adapting from KBIZoom, on June 17, 200, Jung Eun Hye shared her latest status and told an in-depth story in an interview with Sports Donga.

In particular, Jung Eun Hye, who has Down Syndrome in real life, revealed that people’s attitude towards her changed after she appeared in “Our Blues”.

Jung Eun Hye surprised everyone when she admitted to the discomfort she suffered before appearing on “Our Blues,” saying, “Before I starred in the drama, several people touched me or sexually harassed me when I was riding the subway alone. really sad.”

The actress then continued, “But now I feel happy when I’m with people. They all say nice things to me,” she mentioned the positive changes.

The director of the film Seo Dong Il, Jung Eun Hye’s father, also emphasized that people’s perception of Down Syndrome has changed a lot since the drama was broadcast. He added, “Then and now, Eun Hye is still the same. However, I can feel the magical power of culture and art when I see how people’s views and perceptions change thanks to the drama.”

Jung Eun Hye is expected to convey a deep echo to viewers through director Seo Dong Il’s documentary “Your Face,” which is scheduled to premiere on June 23.

The actress shared, “Films featuring people with developmental disabilities often tell dark and uncomfortable stories. However, I wanted to make a bright film where I could introduce myself as an attractive artist, not a person with a developmental disability.” .

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Director Seo Dong Il also expressed his anticipation by saying, “I feel very grateful for the current situation. Through this film, I hope that people with developmental disabilities can travel around society without fear and anxiety.”

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Hye also thanked actress Han Ji Min and actor Kim Woo Bin for always taking good care of her when they filmed “Our Blues” together. Jung Eun Hye revealed that Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin highly praised her on set and always brought her outerwear to make sure she didn’t feel cold during long shoots.

Leaving a thank you message dedicated to Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin, who threw a birthday party for her, Jung Eun Hye also showed her affection for Han Ji Min. As Jung Eun Hye said, Han Ji Min asked for her contact first and the two still exchanged messages every day.