October 1, 2022


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Joji’s name is trending on Twitter thanks to the viral song ‘Glimpse of Us’

The name Joji, the singer of the songs ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK’ was included in the trending Music on Twitter on June 15, 2022. By nightfall, his name had been tweeted more than 44 thousand times.

This happened because he had just released the song ‘Glimpse of Us’. The song, which was released on June 11, managed to horrify the world of social media because of its meaning which made listeners feel worried after hearing the song.

‘Cause sometimes I look in her eyes

And that’s where I find a glimpse of us

That’s a bit of a lyric from the viral song ‘Glimpse of Us’. The meaning of the song ‘Glimpse of Us’ itself describes someone who already has a lover but, still can’t move on from his ex. Every time his girlfriend does something, many things seem to remind the person of his ex. In fact, not infrequently, makes him compare his lover with his ex.

Joji is there a problem that he can release a song like this” tweeted one netizen.

Joji’s song from its release until now every night I play it trs. Can’t relate to me but addicted“said netizens.

Joji released a trending song right away until now it’s still perched“said another netizen.

not only trending on Twitter, this song has also been circulating on the homepage of the TikTok platform. Until June 16, 2022, song official ‘Glimpse of Us’ has been used 103,000 times on TikTok.

Wrapped with music that fits perfectly and has a deep meaning, it’s not imaginable if they don’t even have it relate with this one song still listen to it. On the Spotify platform, the song ‘Glimpse of Us’ has been listened to 26.9 million times since its release.

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Joji is a singer from Japan who has debuted since 2017. Previously he was also known as a YouTuber.

Before releasing single ‘Glimpse of Us’, Joji has previously released the album Nectar in September 2020. The song ‘Sanctuary’ managed to become the most hits song on the album. The song has been listened to 360.8 million times on Spotify.

Recently, Joji announced a concert that he will be doing in several North American cities with the title SMITHEREENS TOUR. The concert will start from the city of Palo Alto on September 1st.

So, how are you guys? relate with this one song or not, huh?