August 18, 2022

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Jisun’s spirit fromis_9 criticized for being caught on camera doing this gesture

South Korea is known for its culture that upholds courtesy and respect for all people, especially older people. However, recently Roh Jisun fromis_9 drew controversy and received criticism from netizens for taking actions that were considered presumptuous towards his manager.

Launch allkpopthrough a recording that is thought to be from the Kiwoom Heroes vs. LG Twins baseball game in April this year, Jisun was caught on camera snapping his finger at his manager to get the manager’s attention.

At that time, fromis_9 attended the event for the first pitch ceremony and performed. After their performance, the members fromis_9 sat in the audience to watch a baseball game. Through documentation scattered on the internet, Jisun can be seen snapping his fingers at someone, then pointing as if asking for something.

Seeing the video, many netizens spontaneously criticized the idol’s actions and said that the gesture was “presumptuous” and “arrogant”. Here are some comments written by netizens.

“I think in any country, doing that to someone is considered rude.”

“Usually people who snap their fingers at other people think of themselves as superior to those around them.”

“In the middle of a big baseball stadium? He doesn’t seem to be doing that so the manager can hear the sound of his hands. It looks natural, like a habit.”

“Anyone who tries to say he ‘has no ill will’ doesn’t get the point. Doing that to someone older than you? Even if you have close family ties, it’s totally inappropriate.”

“It’s amazing how such a simple act can tell us how bad someone is.”

“For someone who is not very popular, celebrity sickness is no joke.”

“I can’t imagine getting someone’s attention like that. Did he (feel like) call his maid or something?”

“He looks like he’s calling his pet.”

Some foreign netizens also gave their defense against Jisun by saying that it was probably Jisun’s doing because of the noise in the middle of the field, plus Jisun’s mouth was covered by a mask so that the manager couldn’t hear him.

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However, other netizens insisted that the action was unjustified. They assumed that there must be another way to get the staff’s attention. What do you think about this controversy?