December 2, 2022

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Jin BTS Uploads Latest Photos in Front of the White House, Warganet Floods Praise

Recently one of the members boy group Popular, Jin BTS caught the attention of netizens by uploading his new photo on his Instagram social media. In the upload Jin is wearing a suit that looks perfect so netizens can’t help but praise Jin BTS’s incredible wide shoulders.

Launching from KBIZoom on Saturday (11/6/2022), on June 10, Jin BTS uploaded several photos on his personal Instagram, which were taken on the green page of the White House. In a series of photos, Jin BTS boasts of a statue-like appearance when wearing a luxurious after and staring at the camera in the hot sun.

The 92-born idol looked dashing in a black suit, white shirt, and neat white tie. His extraordinary physique, easily wowed fans.


Upload the Latest Photo of Jin BTS Wearing After a Suit on the White House page (Instagram/@jin)

Netizens can’t help but praise Jin’s incredible broad shoulders, long arms and legs, and slender body. He made netizens flutter with his warm expression that showed behind BTS’s visit to the White House.

On May 31 (local time), BTS visited the White House at the invitation of US President Biden and shared opinions on hate crimes, discrimination, and diversity in commemoration of “AANPHI Month” (Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month) at the Office oval.

Prior to meeting President Joe Biden, Jin, along with the rest of BTS, visited the White House briefing room, where they expressed their goals and feelings about the visit.

“Today is the last day of AANPHI Heritage Month. We came to the White House to celebrate and share our wishes with the AANHPI community,” said the male idol, who drew attention with his accurate diction.

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Previously, Jin BTS’s personal Instagram had surpassed 35 million followers, making him a global superstar with a huge international impact.

Here are some netizen comments on Jin BTS’s new photo:

“Every time I look at Seokjin’s Instagram, I feel as if there is a funny sound coming from his photo,” commented one netizen.

“Seokjin is still handsome as usual,” said another.

“The suit is very cute! Jin, I will look forward to your comeback stage,”

“The genie in the suit…. So spectacular but cute!

I wish Cutie Seokjin all the best and happy things for the rest of his life.

“Seokjin, I will support you until the end!”

Meanwhile, Jin and his group BTS have released a new album titled “Proof” on June 10, 2022. The album has sold 2 million copies in just a day after its release.