October 1, 2022


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Jin BTS: I was very emotional when I met ARMY after 2 years

BTS’s Jin recently attracted attention with his honest thoughts and feelings in an interview. Adapted from KBIZoom on Wednesday (15/6/2022), on June 14, 2022, the issue of Weverse Magazine was released. It contains news of Jin BTS reminiscing about his story with the group, in an interview after the latest album “Proof” was released.

First, the male K-Pop idol expressed his great feelings about meeting fans in person after 2 years, saying, “I am very emotional”.

Regarding the trust that has been maintained between the members for a long time, Jin BTS shared, “They are all very ambitious, but I think you can say they are not ambitious at the same time. They are very ambitious collectively as a group, but sometimes they put it aside. their personal ambition, believing that the group comes first. I am more blown away than grateful about how this was possible, but still, everyone puts the group first. I am grateful for the fact that they have all made certain personal sacrifices to better suit the group’s needs. “

When asked about “Yours”, his OST for K-Drama “Jirisan”, BTS’s Jin said, “The group spent less time performing at the time and I think ARMY would like it if they had a new song to listen to at that time. It’s a bit random to release a song out of nowhere, but I was recommended a good project so I took it.”

Jin also compared his experience with in-game characters, saying, “Many times game characters will have their own jobs and stats. However, even if there are frequent patches for the entire game, I would hate it if my character was the only one whose stats weren’t.” get buffs and stay the same, when all the other characters get upgrades. So that’s how I think about what I should do and then start working on it.”

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According to the idol, ARMY’s satisfaction is one of the main driving forces when producing new content. “Just as I feel happy when I play games, ARMYs also feel happy to be our fans. And they do it while listening to music and enjoying our new content. I try to think of ARMY as users. That’s what makes me want them to be satisfied,” he said.

Regarding his song “Super Tuna”, Jin revealed that the song was never planned. He just wanted to try fishing with music producer BUMZU and ended up composing a song then. Meanwhile, “Abyss”, was made when Jin wanted to indirectly reveal that he was going through a difficult time.

In the interview, Jin also revealed behind the scenes recording for “Epiphany (Jin Demo Ver)” released in the album “Proof”. A day after the release of the song “Proof”, BTS announced that they would be taking a temporary group hiatus. BTS members will focus more on their respective careers.