September 28, 2022

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Jimin BTS’s Promise Song Quotes Enter the List of Best Quotes for Mental Health

The songs that are sung vocal line BTS both solo and as a group are famous for being so touching and soothing. Because it’s not uncommon vocal line BTS gets praise for their beautiful songs, Jimin is no exception.

Adapt allkpop, Jimin BTS’s song ‘Promise’ was recently included in GQ Korea’s article about the best celebrity quotes that can help someone mentally. The article consists of a collection of wise words from various South Korean public figures who convey their perspectives on life and how to live it positively.

The ‘Promise’ quote that was published on GQ Korea itself reads, “Let’s make a resolution, let’s make a promise. Things can be tough, but don’t be hard on yourself, don’t curse yourself” .

Jimin BTS said, this quote refers to the process of working on the song ‘Promise’ which he composed himself. Jimin revealed that he started writing this song while thinking about himself. However, he hopes that this song can entertain many people after its release.

When Jimin remembers the times when he was tired and lonely, he thinks about the fact that there must be someone else. Others here refer to those who went through more challenging times than he did and didn’t have the opportunity to tell their own stories.

The song, which was released on the SoundCloud streaming service in 2019, broke records by becoming the most-played song of all time on the platform. The song has now surpassed 318 million streams and retains its title as the most successful song on SoundCloud.

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In addition to ‘Promise’, another song by Jimin BTS that was successful because of its beautiful, romantic, and calming feel is ‘Serendipity’. In an interview with GQ last year, the interviewer mentioned that like medicine, people feel comforted and strengthened by ‘Serendipity’. Because of this, this song is often used in weddings, lullabies, and soothing songs for listeners of all ages.

For a singer, the most important achievement is the ability to entertain listeners through the songs they bring. As a singer, Jimin BTS has achieved that achievement by healing listeners’ hearts with his music. With this achievement, it’s no wonder that fans are getting more and more enthusiastic about Jimin’s solo debut.