December 6, 2022

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Japanese Drama Hana ni Kedamono S2: Between Career, Dream and Love

It is natural when someone wants to continue to be close to the people we love. However, sometimes that desire must give in, especially when dealing with their respective dreams and aspirations. This is also reflected in the Japanese drama entitled Hana ni Kedamono Seasons 2.

Drama Hana ni Kedamono Season 2 takes place 2 and a half years from the first drama. This time, Kumi Kumakura (Yurika Nakamura) and Hyo Kakizono (Yosuke Sugino) are struggling to achieve their respective dreams and futures.

Now, Kumi has been accepted at a university in Tokyo. However, Kumi can still change that choice and she still feels uncertain. Kumi is passionate about early childhood education and admires a child education expert and lecturer named Makoto Tachibana (played by Sho Aoyagi). He teaches at a university in Shizuoka.

On one occasion, Makoto held a seminar in Tokyo. Kumi, who got the information from someone, immediately signed up to attend the seminar. On the way home, he met a lost child. When Kumi was confused about how to help the child, unexpectedly, Makoto appeared behind her and provided assistance.

As it turned out, Makoto recognized Kumi as one of the participants in the seminar he was holding. He was happy because Kumi was so diligent in attending the seminar and taking notes. Hearing that Kumi is interested in early childhood education and reading Makoto’s books, Makoto suggests that she attend a university in Shizuoka, where she teaches.

Meanwhile, Hyo is preparing for her university entrance exams and starts helping her father at the office. In the midst of Hyo’s enthusiasm for the exam because she has Kumi’s full support, suddenly, a woman named Mizuki Kitajima (played by Mariko Shinoda) comes and says that she was sent by Hyo’s father to be his assistant and make himself a good politician.

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Mizuki takes care of and prepares all of Hyo’s needs, arranges all the things Hyo has to do, even keeps Kumi away from Hyo, because she thinks Hyo won’t be able to focus if Kumi is by her side. How did Hyo and Kumi deal with all that? Will Kumi accept Makoto’s offer and leave Hyo? Should they give up on their relationship in order to reach their own future? Watch the sequel in the drama Hana ni Kedamono Season 2. Don’t miss it, ok?