September 24, 2022

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Japanese Drama Fight Song: When Song Brings Spirit to Life

It is not easy for a person to face the loss of something valuable in his life. Not infrequently, this makes him unable to move forward in his life, not knowing what to do and not eager to do anything. This is what happened to a girl in the Japanese drama Fight Song.

Drama Fight Song tells the story of a girl named Hanae Kisara (Kaya Kiyohara). He lives in an orphanage after losing both his parents and is raised by Naomi Isobe (Izumi Inamori). At the orphanage, he has two friends who are like brothers, namely Shingo Natsukawa (Fuma Kikuchi) and Rin Hagiwara (Sakura Fujiwara).

Hanae is an accomplished karate athlete. Thanks to this achievement, he managed to get a scholarship to enter the university. The foster mother and her friends were very proud and amazed at her. Hanae likes a song that she used to always sing with her mother, namely the song from the band PARKS entitled ‘Start Line‘. When he was doing important things, he always listened to that song, the only song on his music player.

One day, Hanae competed to represent her university and managed to win the championship at the last second. The residents of the orphanage are preparing to welcome Hanae to celebrate her victory when Hanae is on her way home. Unfortunately, Hanae had an accident. He was hit by a motorbike and injured him. As a result, he had to end his career as an athlete. Not only that, he even dropped out of college.

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Hanae then lives her life aimlessly, until the whole orphanage is confused about her. Naomi, who can’t let her foster children continue like that, finally orders her to work with Shingo who has a cleaning service business. Although initially reluctant, Hanae finally wants to take the job.

On one occasion, Hanae received a request from a customer named Haruki Ashida (Shotaro Mamiya) to clean the walls of her house. While at work, Haruki invites Hanae to talk and from there Hanae finds out that Haruki is the vocalist of the band PARKS, the singer of the song that has been encouraging him all this time.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that surprised him. At their first meeting, Haruki asks Hanae to be his girlfriend! What exactly is Haruki’s goal? How did Hanae react to this? Watch the sequel in the drama Fight Song. Enjoy watching!