August 14, 2022

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Jang Gyuri Floods Support, Public Expects fromis_9 to Disband?

On Thursday this week (28/7/22) Pledis Entertainment suddenly announced the departure of Jang Gyuri from fromis_9. That way, the group will be reorganized into a lineup of 8 people starting from August 9.

The news is certainly surprising to most K-Pop fans because Jang Gyuri is one of the most famous members of fromis_9, having participated in the survival shows ‘Produce 48’ and ‘Idol School’, as well as the hit K-drama ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. ‘.

However, kbizoom reported that many netizens expressed that they had anticipated this ahead of time because they thought Jang Gyuri was more suitable to be an actress than an idol.

Some netizens said that this was the best decision because fromis_9 is a very controversial group. Because of this, other netizens even called for the disbandment of this group.

fromis_9 itself is a group that graduated from the Mnet survival show ‘Idol School’. They began to gain public attention after a series of controversies regarding vote manipulation in the event.

In addition, fromis_9 was recently accused of score manipulation after winning against TWICE’s Nayeon on Mnet’s weekly music show ‘M! Countdown’.

In addition to the manipulation controversy, the public also has negative sentiments towards fromis_9 because on several occasions, the members were judged to be very careless with their words.

For example, while appearing on TMI News, Jang Gyuri and Lee Chaeyoung clapped when HYBE Labels, Pledis Entertainment’s parent company, was mentioned.

They then said, “This is our company! Isn’t our company awesome”, and then called Big Hit Music’s CEO Bang Sihyuk as “our president”.

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Seeing this, some netizens argued that Pledis Entertainment is a subsidiary of HYBE Labels which operates separately from the company and has its own president, namely Han Sungsoo. So they shouldn’t claim that Bang Sihyuk is their president.

In addition, in a live broadcast with fans, group leader Saerom, was once caught on camera sighing deeply and saying, “I’m bored to death, let’s finish this quickly and go home.”

Shortly thereafter, Saerom received a lot of criticism saying that he was ungrateful towards fans and duplicity for appearing cute on camera and acting otherwise behind the camera.

Some fans also expressed their disappointment that Saerom was “bored” to communicate with them. In response to this, Saerom explained that he was actually talking about mandatory group quarantine, but many netizens didn’t believe it.

Considering fromis_9’s controversial history list, the fact that Jang Gyuri left the group actually made netizens give a lot of support for her. Here are comments from some netizens.

“I was kind of hopeful about this. Really. She’s more suited to be an actress,”

“Good for him, now Jang Gyuri is no longer part of the cheat idol,”

“If this was another group, I would be sad but fromis_9 better just disband,”

“Jang Gyuri was basically the only attractive fromis_9 member but she left. Shouldn’t they be fromis_8 now?”

“Finally. I wish Jang Gyuri the best and may his career soar.”

“Jang Gyuri is kind, beautiful, and has a good background. She really doesn’t gain anything by joining this group, it’s better to be an actress”

“Leaving a controversial group like that is absolutely nothing to regret. Honestly, I’ve never seen a girl group with this many problems.”

“He must have thought that fromis_9 was a total failure (thus decided to leave).”

What do you think about netizens’ comments about fromis_9 above?

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