August 8, 2022

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IU’s Palette: IU and J-Hope BTS Discuss Similarities in Career and Personality

On Friday (29/7/2022) soompi reports that BTS’s J-Hope has been the latest guest on talk show IU’s Palette. IU revealed that this was the first time they had a serious conversation. During the event, they discussed similarities in careers and personalities.

The two stars agreed that their biggest thing in common is that they both started their careers in the entertainment industry at a very young age to pursue their dreams. J-Hope shared that he dared to appear in a talent show when he was in the fifth grade of elementary school because of the positive response from his friends, which helped him realize that he was destined to appear on stage. IU is also starting to become trainee when he was still in school.

After exchanging stories about their youth and talking briefly about J-Hope’s new solo album ‘Jack In The Box’, both IU and J-Hope then performed their respective songs. Prior to the performance, IU shared, “For the first time while filming Palette there were guests who came and practiced at my practice site.

The two then performed J-Hope’s song ‘Equal Sign’ from his new album ‘Jack In The Box.’ After finishing performing, IU commented, “The lyrics are very hopeful. Now that we’ve sung a song together, it feels like we’re getting closer. It’s because of the lyrics. Singing lyrics like ‘we’re not that different’ made me really think that we are. Not much different.” After that, IU and J-Hope then returned to a duet with IU’s song ‘Pierrot Laughs At Us.’

After finishing the duet with two songs, J-Hope then said that before officially releasing the album ‘Jack In The Box’ he held a Listening Party which was attended by many famous Korean singers and celebrities and it was a big challenge for him.

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J-Hope explained, “To be honest, I don’t have many friends, but I wanted to create moments with them where I could say, ‘I’m someone who makes this kind of music.’ It was like handing out my business card.” In closing, J-Hope returned to perform his latest b-side song entitled ‘Safety Zone.’

The latest episode of IU’s Palette talk show with BTS’s J-Hope as a guest can now be watched on IU’s YouTube!