December 6, 2022

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IU’s 5 Best Dramas and Movies After Successfully Starring in Dream High

Dream High was the first stage for IU’s soloist to try acting. This drama series that aired in 2011 depicts the story of teenagers who struggle to get their dreams as singers. IU in the series plays Pil Sook, a teenager with a golden voice but insecure about her weight.

The drama series brought IU to be known as a singer who is also good at acting. Several years later, while continuing to act releasing songs, IU received offers to star in dramas and films. Here are some of the best dramas and movies that IU has starred in.

1. You Are the Best (2013)

IU in the drama You’re The Best []

In this drama, we can see IU in the role of Lee Soon Shin who is cheerful, unyielding, optimistic and has a warm heart. The positive side of Soon Shin makes Shin Joon (Jo Jung Suk) motivated to pursue his success. This drama tells the story of Lee Soon Shin, the youngest in the family, who was born into a conglomerate family. He is not like his other brothers who have special talents. However, Soon Shin did not give up. After his father’s death, he struggles to find his own happiness. And indirectly he also found his love.

2. Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

IU in Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo [sumber:]
IU in Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo []

This drama brings IU together with many top Korean actors, such as Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, Nam Joo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun and Baek Hyun. Set in Goryeo era Korea, Moon Lover: Scarlet Heart Ryeo tells the story of Ha Jin, played by IU, who suddenly finds herself in the Goryeo era after she drowns in a lake. Then, finds himself in the baths of the princes of a kingdom. In the Goryeo era, Ha Ji was known as Hae Soo. He knew it because the princes in the kingdom called him by that name.

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Hae Soo gets involved with six princes, each of whom has a complicated conflict related to royal politics. In the story, he also struggles to take power and is trapped in a romance between Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) and Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) which is no less complicated.

3. My Mister (2018)

IU in My Mister (2019) [sumber:]
IU in My Mister (2019) []

My Mister is IU’s drama that makes us pensive. This is a dark drama that showcases IU’s brilliant and emotional acting. IU plays Lee Ji Ahn, a young woman who lives a difficult life, is in debt and has to take care of her ailing grandmother. IU lands a job at a construction company where she meets Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyung). Dong Hoon is a middle-aged man whose home and office life is not happy.

Due to one incident, Ji Ahn intends to use Dong Hoon for money. However, he actually sympathized with the man. Ji Ahn then turned to help Dong Hoon to succeed in his career.

4. Hotel Del Luna (2019)

IU in Hotel Del Luna (2018)[sumber:]
IU in Hotel Del Luna (2018)[]

Acting opposite Yeo Jin Goo, IU plays Jang Man Wool, the hotel owner eponymous which only serves ghost guests prior to the afterlife. Mang Wool is someone who is cursed with a long life so he is fed up with life.

Jang Man Wool meets Chang Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) who later becomes his hotel manager. Chang Sung makes Man Wool change and he finds love and a better life with him.

IU in the movie Broker (2022) [sumber:]
IU in the movie Broker (2022) []

Produced by a Japanese director, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Broker brought IU to the prestigious and award-winning Cannes Film Festival. This film tells the story of Sang Hyun (Song Kang Ho), a laundry worker, and Dong Woo (Kang Dong Woon) who work at a baby box facility.

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Here IU plays the mother of the baby in the box, So Young (IU) leaves the baby, but then changes her mind and tries to get the baby. She finds out that her baby was taken by Song Hyun and Dong Woo. Then, the three agreed to take care of the baby and find new parents who could take better care of the baby. Unbeknownst to them, the actions of the three are known by a detective who intends to arrest them and throw them in prison.

Well, those are some of the best dramas and movies starring IU. The last title above is IU’s latest film which has received a lot of praise. The film features IU’s acting that is different from usual. it makes us believe that he is a singer with extraordinary acting talent.