August 18, 2022

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IU Protests Not Being Invited to the Listening Party Event, Here’s J-Hope BTS’s Reaction

J-Hope BTS managed to surprise fans when he suddenly appeared as one of the guest stars on the show IU’s Palettewho was raised by the beautiful actress and idol IU on her YouTube channel.

Summarize from Koreaboo on Friday (29/7/2022), J-Hope himself did not do much promotion for his solo album ‘Jack In The Box’, and his arrival to IU’s channel this time succeeded in making fans entertained.

In the event, IU and J-Hope discussed many things, including J-Hope’s latest song. The two of them also performed a duet together.

During the conversation, J-Hope admitted that he may seem extroverted and self-confident, revealing that he doesn’t have many fellow musicians.

“Of course I have BTS members. But, in fact, I don’t have many friends besides them. I don’t know many artists. So, not many artists have joined my album,” explained J-Hope.

Because he wanted to get out of his comfort zone and introverted nature, J-Hope deliberately held an event listening party before the release of his solo album.

“One of the new challenges for me is to hold an event listening party. The reason why I did it was to let people know what kind of musician I am and maybe share my business card,” said J-Hope.

Program listening party held by J-Hope was also a success. It was proven that almost half of the K-Pop industry attended the event. Popular names such as Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Bibi, and many more were seen attending. J-Hope also seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere of the party he was holding.

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In the midst of his fun discussing the event listening partyJ-Hope was actually surprised by the question from IU.

“You’re having a listening party, but why wasn’t I invited?” explained IU.

Hearing this, J-Hope felt embarrassed, and he quickly gave an excuse.

“I really want to invite you, but I don’t know how,” answered J-Hope.

IU again asked if she would be allowed to come, if she wanted to. J-Hope admitted that actually he also wanted to invite IU, and if IU really came and interacted with the other BTS members, the internet would explode because of them.

Hearing this, IU joked again and told J-Hope to invite her on another occasion if J-Hope held an event. listening party again. He even said he was going to the salon.

When the video was released, fans were actually amazed by IU’s courage and how awkward she was interacting with J-Hope.

Now that J-Hope is a guest on IU’s channel and seems to know each other, fans are certainly looking forward to more interactions or even collaboration plans in the future.