December 1, 2022

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ITZY, WSG Wannabe, TWICE’s Nayeon, and BTS Top the Circle Chart This Week!

Circle Chart (formerly known as Gaon Chart) has revealed the chart chart for the week. So far, Circle Chart has transparently provided weekly rankings for the best-selling songs and albums in Korea, as well as Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Quoting from the report soompi on Friday (22/7/2022), ITZY, WSG Wannabe, TWICE’s Nayeon, and BTS managed to top the Circle Chart this week. Here is the complete list of Circle Chart rankings for this week:

1. Album Charts

Album Chart (

ITZY topped the physical album chart this week with their new mini album “CHECKMATE” which debuted at No. 1.

Aespa mini album “Girls” remains strong at No. 2, while Super Junior’s new album “The Road: Keep on Going” successfully penetrated the chart at No. 3.

BTS anthology album “Proof” climbs back to No. 4th on the physical album chart this week. While SF9’s new mini album “THE WAVE OF9” debuted at No. 5.

2. Digital Charts

Digital Charts (
Digital Charts (

WSG Wannabe (G-Style) grabbed triple crown after successfully sweeping three charts at once. Their new hit song “At That Moment” topped digital charts, streaming charts, and download charts this week.

WSG Wannabe’s song “I Missed You” (4FIRE) also swept the No. 2 on all three digital charts. While WSG Wannabe’s “Clink Clink” (OASISO) rose to rank 5.

Then the song “LOVE DIVE” IVE remains strong at No. 3 on digital charts this week, followed by Nayeon TWICE’s solo debut track “POP!” at number 4.

3. Streaming Charts

Streaming Charts (
Streaming Charts (

The top four songs on the streaming chart this week are exactly the same as the digital chart. WSG Wannabe’s “At That Moment” (Gaya-G) entered at No. 1, “I Missed” from WSG Wannabe (4FIRE). You” at No. 2, “LOVE DIVE” IVE at No. 3, and “POP!” Nayeon at number 4. Lastly, (G)I-DLE’s song “TOMBOY” completes the top five rankings this week.

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4. Download Charts

Chart Download (
Chart Download (

This week’s download chart is dominated by WSG Wannabe and Lim Young Woong. WSG Wannabe’s “At That Moment” (G-Style) and WSG Wannabe’s “I Missed You” (4FIRE) rose to No. 1 and No. 2.

Lim Young Woong swept the next three spots on the chart, with “If We Ever Meet Again” at No. 3, “Rainbow” at No. 4, and “Our Blues” at No. 5.

5. Global K-Pop Charts

Global K-Pop Charts (soompi)
Global K-Pop Charts (soompi)

“POP!” TWICE’s Nayeon managed to stay for two consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Global K-Pop Chart (which is tracked based on global streaming).

IVE’s “LOVE DIVE” maintained its position at No. 2, while aespa’s new song “Girls” shot to No. 3 on the Global K-Pop Chart this week.

Lastly, J-Hope BTS’s solo single “MORE” remains strong at No. 4, followed by BTS’ latest song “Yet to Come” at No. 5.

6. Social Charts

Social Chart (soompi)
Social Chart (soompi)

The top four artists on the social charts this week remain exactly the same as last week. BTS maintained their position at No. 1, followed by BLACKPINK at No. 2, Jessi at No. 3, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa at No. 4. Lastly, aespa rose to No. 5 on the social charts this week.

Congratulations to BTS, ITZY, and all the artists!