August 14, 2022

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It’s Not Hard! These are 4 ways to become a useful person

The best of humans are useful humans. Therefore, we must have a strong will and determination to be able to be useful to others. However, many of us are often confused about how to become a useful person.

Actually, all that can be started from simple things around us, really. In fact, maybe all this time we have become useful people too, without us realizing it. Let’s look at some ways to become a useful person below.

1. Not stingy

One way to become a useful human being is to avoid being stingy. Whether it’s being stingy in giving something in the form of goods, being stingy in giving something out in the form of feelings, or being stingy in sharing knowledge.

When you feel that you are capable, share it as much as possible so that the knowledge can be of benefit to others.

When other people get misfortune, pray with sincere feelings. Even when you feel capable of helping others, then why delay?

2. Care

Many people witness other people’s hardships, but few of them care about any of it. Caring can only arise when there is a feeling that awakens it in the heart. Can’t be forced or contrived, totally natural feeling.

However, you can try to raise awareness. Especially when someone else is in need. By feeling caring, you will have the opportunity to help others. From there you start to spread the benefits to others.

3. Rich in advice

Being a useful person is someone who is willing to share advice with others and is also willing to accept advice from others. All of that can be seen from the content of words and conversations that always lead to goodness.

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Someone who speaks well, will describe that he does have a good personality. All of that is one way to be someone who is useful to others.

4. Light hand

It doesn’t matter big or small difficulties, whoever goes through them, when you have an easy-going attitude or love to help everyone, then that is also one way to be helpful.

When there is an environment that is experiencing difficulties and you become one of the people who rush to help, then you are also spreading the benefits. Do it sincerely so that you get a blessing.

Those are 4 ways to be a useful person for others. Hopefully it can help you to be more enthusiastic in doing good.