September 27, 2022

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It’s Not Easy, Here Are 3 Steps to Become a K-Pop Idol

K-pop idols are artists in the K-pop industry. These artists can be members of a group or be solo artists. In Hollywood, there may be a few lucky people to be picked up on the street and get a chance to become a star. Unlike those who want to become artists in South Korea. They must follow a series of processes to become idols. Then what is the process of becoming a K-pop idol?

Here are the steps that must be taken to become a K-pop idol that have been summarized from the page 99sdaykorean.

1. Audition

Auditions are the main gateway to joining the K-pop world. Usually those who will become K-pop artists will audition for a company or several different companies so that the opportunities are even greater. This audition is not only for Korean people, even people from different countries are allowed to take part in this audition. For example, Lisa from the girl group BLACKPINK from Thailand.

2. Become a K-pop trainee

Those who pass the audition will join an entertainment company that accepts them as K-pop trainees. This training period does not necessarily guarantee that this aspiring K-pop artist will debut, but it is indeed one of the steps. During the training, the participants will practice dancing and singing as well as learning foreign languages ​​such as Japanese and English as well as interviewing skills.

During this time as trainees, they are expected to maintain their image until their debut as part of an idol group. They have to understand basic etiquette and media training and most importantly avoid problems like dating scandals and drinking. During this training period, they are often able to work in commercials and music videos, model shows, and even act in dramas or films.

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3. Debut as a K-pop idol

After undergoing a long training, of course these prospective K-pop idols will debut. The agency will choose among the trainees who they will place in the group and are ready to debut. Some may be famous worldwide, such as BTS and BLACKPINK. However, there are also those that are not so successful or last long.

Those are the 3 steps that must be taken for those who want to become a K-pop idol artist. How? Interested in becoming a new idol?