December 1, 2022

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It’s not because of hunger, it turns out that the reason this man asked for military food was unexpected

Usually someone will ask for food because they feel hungry. However, this is different from what was done by a father in striped clothes who asked for soldiers’ food out of curiosity.

In general, curiosity about food arises because someone has never tasted how it tastes. And it seems that this is what the father is feeling so he asks for the food directly from a soldier.

His father got rations,” wrote the Instagram account @kepoin_trending as quoted by Yoursay on Tuesday (27/09/2022).

Previously, the viral video of a father wearing striped clothes had also been uploaded to the TikTok account @ronaldpratamaes. “I want army food, said his father,” wrote the account as a description of the upload accompanied by a hugging emoticon.

In the video, initially, the father, wearing a backpack and hat, is seen sitting facing a member of the army. The father’s appearance looks very simple. He was also seen wearing only shorts and sandals when he met the soldier.

In the father’s hand was a black box. However, what was highlighted was the attitude of the soldier who was so kind to share food with the father.

Many netizens commented on the taste of the food

Screnshoot of the viral video of the father asking for military food (TikTok)/@Ronaldpratamaes

Furthermore, the soldier took out one by one the contents of the box in his hand and gave it to the father until the contents of the box were completely exhausted or empty.

This viral video certainly managed to attract the attention of netizens who watched TikTok. Many of them commented on the taste of the food in the black package.

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“In the past, I ate because my uncle gave it to me when I came home from work. This is really delicious, wow, I want more, does anyone sell it?” wrote the account @Selvia***

Have you ever tried eating army food, it’s really really good, so I want to eat it again,” wrote the TikTok account @Srahli *** in the comments column.

Have you ever eaten meat, vegetables, canned fish, TNI food sent by my brother, delicious,” wrote the account @brSila*** which then got a direct reply from the video uploader.

“That’s right, Ma’am, it’s addictive,” replied the uploader in the comment column.

“It’s delicious army food,” commented another user.

In addition to commenting on the taste of the food, there were also those who expressed their gratitude for the soldier who was willing to share it with others. Like the @laras** account comment that wrote, “Accept Thank you for making this father happy, keep being a good person, Om.

As of this writing, the viral video has received 23.4K likes, 822 comments, and 147 shares.