October 6, 2022


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It’s being talked about, here’s a synopsis of Dating Show Exchange 2 TVing

Dating reality shows in South Korea have become very popular lately. One of the most famous is Single’s Inferno which aired on Netflix in 2021. After his fame, many other dating shows appeared and became famous. One that is currently being discussed on social media is the new season of the dating reality show titled ‘Exchange’ or ‘Transit Love’. Season 1 aired on TVing in 2021 and season 2 aired this year under the title ‘Exchange 2’.

Summarized through Viu, ‘Exchange 2’ or ‘Transit Love 2’ is a dating reality show with the concept of living together in one house with an ex-lover. However, each of these ex-lovers have to pretend they don’t know each other. All participants will interact with each other during the allotted time. They will be given the opportunity to choose their ex-lover or a new person at the end of the event. During their stay together, they will also complete several missions given by the show crew to get to know each other better.

This show is still being produced by the same person who produced the first season of ‘Exchange’, namely Lee Jin Joo. In addition to the participants who live together, there will also be panelists who will provide comments throughout the event. They are Simon D, Kim Yewon, Yura, Lee Yong Jin, and one guest panelist who changes in several episodes. For the first episode, it was confirmed that BamBam was chosen as the guest panelist. In several episodes, this ex-lover pair will be revealed one by one and the panelists are tasked with guessing which contestant has been a former lover.

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In addition to the panelists, the confirmed contestants who joined were Jung Gyu Min, Choi Yi Hyun, Kim Tae I, Park Won Bin, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Na Yeon, Lee Ji Yeon, Seon Min Gi, and as of this writing, Sung Hae Eun joined become a new contestant. During episode 1, the contestants met for the first time and got to know each other. Episode after episode went on happily, however, in episode 4 fans were surprised by the exclusion of Choi Yi Hyun from the show because he was judged to have violated the existing regulations. This surprising thing adds new suspense and as new episodes add up, the fun of the show also increases.

How? Have you watched ‘Exchange 2’?