December 1, 2022

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ITERA Pharmacy Lecturer Utilizes Waste as a Functional Food Product

Banjar Agung Village, South Lampung is one of the corn supply areas in Lampung. With the abundance of corn production in Lampung, of course, waste from post-harvest corn cannot be avoided, one of the wastes is corn silk. Utilization of corn silk waste can be processed into products with high use value.

Encouraged to utilize the corn silk waste, the Lecturer of the Pharmacy Study Program of the Sumatra Institute of Technology (ITERA) established a collaborative partnership with family welfare empowerment women (PKK) and the Banjar Agung Village apparatus in the utilization of corn silk as a functional food product in the form of corn silk syrup (SIRAGUNG). ), corn silk jelly (AGARAGUNG), and corn silk ice wax (ES LIRUNG). This collaborative activity is supported by the ITERA Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) through the ITERA 2022 grant program.

The implementation team for this service activity consisted of Mrs. apt. Annisa Maulidia Rahayyu, S.Farm., MSFarm as the chief executive and assisted by four other lecturers, namely apt. Gayatri Simanullang, S.Farm., M.Si, apt. Untia Kartika Sari, S.Farm., M.Farm, apt. Tantri Liris Nareswari, S.Farm., MSFarm, and Mr. apt. Irfanianta Arif Setyawan, S.Farm., M.Sc. Not only lecturers, but ITERA Pharmacy Study Program students also participated in this community service activity. The student team consisted of five people, including Lanita Agustin, Marvel Ramadhani Amarel, Rismala Safitri Yusuf, Thobias Tantra Koeswara, and Agin Gita Pratiwi.

The activity, which started in February 2022, began with a survey and problem mapping with partners, then optimization of syrup, agar-agar, and ice formulas. After that, the activity continued with counseling, product manufacturing demonstrations, packaging, and marketing with PKK women and village officials at the Banjar Agung Village Hall on August 27, 2022. This counseling was attended by around 25 residents who gave a positive response.

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The material begins with an explanation of the benefits of corn silk delivered by apt. Untia Kartika Sari, S. Farm., M. Farm. Then it was continued with a demo of product making which was carried out by apt. Annisa Maulidia Rahayyu, S.Farm., MSFarm and apt. Gayatri Simanullang, S.Farm., M.Sc. The last material was explained by fellow student, Marvel Ramadhani Amarel regarding product marketing by utilizing social media, namely TikTok. In this material, mothers are invited to participate in trying to create marketing content for SIRAGUNG, AGARAGUNG, and ES LIRUNG products that have been created.

The women from Banjar Agung Village were very enthusiastic and active during the training. “This activity is interesting, we just found out that corn silk can be drunk and eaten. Tomorrow when harvesting in the garden, I separate the corn hair. The syrup, the jelly and the ice are so fresh.” said Mrs. Siti, one of the residents’ representatives.

“Mom, later we will also use it for posyandu activities, ma’am. This is my son who likes the jelly,” said Erna’s mother, the head of the PKK in Banjar Agung village.

Not only counseling and product manufacturing demonstrations, at the end of the activity, the implementing teams symbolically provided tools and materials to the village head, Lela Wati, SE representing the members of the Banjar Agung Village cooperative. “We hope that this product will not stop at this activity, but the product can also be developed in the village of Banjar Agung,” said Mrs. Lela Wati.