October 1, 2022


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It Happens Again, A Number of Boys Desperately Blocks a Truck Passing on the Toll Road

Recently, there has been a lot of action against trucks crossing the highway. It was later discovered that these malicious actions were carried out only for the sake of content and seeking popularity.

Although previously there have been incidents that have claimed victims, it seems that several others have not given up trying to block this truck.

One of them is done by a number of children in the following viral video. They were desperate to block a passing truck. This incident reportedly occurred on the KM 67 Tangerang-Merak toll road on Monday (13/6/2022) afternoon.

The video showing the actions of two boys while blocking the truck was shared on Instagram social media by the @fact.indo account.

“A number of children were desperate to block a truck on the KM 67 Tangerang-Merak toll road, Monday afternoon, June 13, 2022,” wrote the uploader as a description of the video he uploaded.

At first the boys were waiting at the side of the toll road. After knowing that a truck was about to pass, they then ran into the toll road and stood in front of the truck.

Fortunately, the truck driver had time to hit the brakes and did not hit the boys earlier. After getting the results they wanted, the two children then ran back to the side of the road to another friend who was waiting there.

This action really should not be imitated because it is very dangerous. Especially when considering the toll road is passed by many vehicles traveling at high speed.

The Actions of the Boys at the Truck Block

A number of children were desperate to block a truck passing on the toll road (Instagram/@fact.indo)

Until this article was written, the viral video showing the actions of two boys while blocking a truck on this toll road has now been watched by more than 800 thousand views.

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Not only that, the video also managed to get tens of thousands likes and reaped various comments from netizens who watched.

“It’s like this, if the child is vaccinated in a pet shop,” said one netizen.

“Video shooting is good, it’s just a matter of taking lives,” another netizen said.

“What are you doing, O Allah? Where is the fun?” other comments.

“Useless content, only adds to the burden on the state,” added another.

“If this is a toll road, for example, if it gets hit, will the truck still be blamed?” another netizen said.

“Please make the parents monitor their children. It’s very troublesome,” said another.