August 14, 2022

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ISAC Held Again, This Idol Interaction Is Viral So Excited

Finally, after being delayed for 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual competition between these idols was held again. Launching from KoreabooThis 2022 ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Championship) was recorded from July 30 to August 1, and will be broadcast on MBC on September 9-12 during the Chuseok holiday.

No doubt, the fans who had the opportunity to come watch and support the idols who competed at that time recorded personal videos that were distributed on the internet. Annoying moments between the admiration of netizens to see idol interactions with each other also appeared.

One of them is an idol who graduated from JYP Entertainment, Bangchan from Stray Kids and two of his agency colleagues received warm attention. Because the idol born in 97L is known as an outgoing person and has friends in various directions.

His interaction with Lily NMIXX made fans chirping excitedly because these two Australian-blooded idols look like brothers and sisters. The two of them chatted casually without fear of dating rumors that usually often appear if there is a similar contact.

One moment that describes how close Bangchan’s friendship is with his friends is when ITZY’s Ryujin pranked the Stray Kids leader.

Ryujin casually nudged Bangchan who was crouching down and rolled over.

Moments later when the artists from JYP were about to pose for a group photo, Bangchan launched his revenge against Ryujin. Bangchan’s sitting position made it easier for him to untie Ryujin’s shoelaces.

Not satisfied with teasing Ryujin, Bangchan also targeted ITZY’s Chaeryong as the next victim. But unfortunately, his sister actually pushed him back.

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It seems that their relationship is very healthy and warm, just like a cypress family, right? This makes fans happy, because idols can interact freely without fear of malicious rumors.

Some of the current generation idols are afraid to interact with each other like friends, because there are people who like to spread false assumptions that threaten their careers.

Hopefully this warm interaction will continue to exist and more and more, yes, idols also have the right to socialize, right? That’s it for this article, hope it’s entertaining!