October 1, 2022


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Is Your Apology Correct? Recognize 4 Ways to Apologize Sincerely

In theory, apologizing should be easy. If I’m wrong, yes, I’ve acknowledged it and apologized. What makes it complicated is that there are some people who are not aware or don’t want to admit that they are wrong. So, so proud to apologize. Even if the apology is not sincere.

Then, what about your apology so far, is it correct or not? To find out, check out some of the ways to sincerely apologize, as described below.

1. Realize your mistakes

This first step is very important to determine whether the apology is sincere or not. A sincere apology is born from the realization that your actions have harmed or hurt others.

If you feel that other people are offended, but you feel it’s normal, try to position yourself. How would you feel if what you just did happened to you, would it hurt or not?

There are times when selfishness can only be conquered when it has happened to oneself. This is where the importance of empathy so that you realize that your behavior is wrong.

2. Avoid forcing others to immediately forgive you

Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance. There are people who can take your mistakes for granted, but there are also those who really hurt the heart, so it takes time to be able to forgive.

Your job is just to apologize, of course hoping to be forgiven. But, if it turns out that the person can’t do it right away, don’t force it. He has the right to forgive you or not. Keep being nice to him even if he still can’t respond the way you expect.

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3. Don’t do it again

It’s useless to always apologize, but the same mistakes are always repeated. That means, you are not aware yet. The best way to prove that your apology is genuine, and that you really are, is to not do it again.

4. No need to look for justifications

If you apologize but with reasons to justify your actions, it means you have no regrets. The hallmark of a sincere apology is that it is purely driven by the awareness that you have done something wrong, and does not ask for justification.

If you’ve done the previous methods, it’s a sign that your apology is correct. But, if not, then it needs to be corrected again so that your apology can be sincere.