October 6, 2022


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Inter Milan’s Gold Piece Next Season: Will the Scudetto?

Inter Milan doesn’t seem to want to mess around with Serie A next season. One real example, Romelo Lukaku is confirmed to return to Inter Milan and the news about Paulo Dybala who is expected to also play with the Nerazzurri next season. The presence of Lukaku and Dybala will of course make Lautaro Martinez even more frightening in attack. Inter Milan can rely on two strikers at once. Whether it’s Lukaku who will go hand in hand with Lautaro Martinez.

However, Inter Milan could also install a striker. Be it Lukaku or Lautaro Martinez who will be playing early. That is, the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formations can be the format that Inter Milan often applies next season. But if Paulo Dybala gets closer to the Inter Milan squad, this will make my Inter line even more solid.

Lukaku, has become a byword lately. In fact, on Twitter, he is always a trending topic. Not for what. But because he returned to the lap of Inter Milan. However, more than that, what has made Lukaku more and more talked about is the transfer saga which is considered unreasonable. Bought for a fantastic price, left with a bad history in Premier League transfers. That’s all, Lukaku did just because he wanted to play with Inter Milan. In essence, the tactics that Thomas Tuchel applies, for Lukaku, it seems that he is not pure.

Chelsea also had no other choice. There is no surefire way for Lukaku to survive. The reason, Lukaku himself is already less passionate in England. So, Chelsea’s steep streak, let Lukaku go sincerely to Inter Milan.

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How about Paulo Dybala. Yes, lately, Dybala has been widely linked with Inter Milan. The reason, he is no longer the Juventus squad. Juventus and Dybala no longer have a bond. So, Dybala plays everywhere. And, the news circulating, Dybala will be grazing at Inter Milan.

If Dybala later goes to Inter Milan, then the trio of Lautaro Martinez, Lukaku and Dybala will make a terrible duo. Will the Scudetto fall in the hands of Inter Milan?