August 18, 2022

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Inspirational Story of a Great Woman of 24 Years Has Become Head of Study Program

The inspirational story this time comes from a great woman who is 24 years old and has become the head of the study program. By uploading a video on callutuy’s TikTok account, the woman shared her story.

The woman whose real name is Restu Gusti Monitasari was appointed head of the law study program at the University of Banten on Friday (29/07/2022). Behind his success as a young head of study program, there is a long struggle.

Restu shared that he was born into an incomplete family. His family’s economic condition is also quite difficult.

“I was born into an incomplete family. Growing up and raised by only a mother with a poor economic situation,” he said as quoted by, Monday (01/08/2022).

In one of the video uploads, he shows his house in a simple village. Although his family’s economic condition was difficult, it did not dampen his enthusiasm for success.

Approaching high school graduation in 2015, Restu decided to work in the capital in order to pay off the arrears of tuition fees. Before leaving for work, he enrolled in college through the SNMPTN route with a bidikmisi scholarship.

Restu passed the SNMPTN and was able to study with the Bidikmisi scholarship. He was hesitant to continue his studies due to circumstances that were deemed impossible.

However, he was so determined that he finally chose to continue his studies. While in college he did not waste the opportunity given to him.

Long Struggle for Success

It has been a long struggle to get to the point where he is now the head of the law study program. (TikTok/callutuy)

Restu is an active student in organizations, debate competitions, scientific writings, mootcourts, campus ambassadors both regionally and nationally, and maintains academic values. While in college he successfully defended the title of outstanding student from 2016 to 2018.

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Restu completed his undergraduate studies in 2019 by being named the best graduate, highest GPA, and youngest graduate. He also received a full postgraduate scholarship from the Chancellor of Ageng Tirtayasa University.

Restu took his master’s degree seriously. In addition to his master’s degree, he also works freelance as a lecturer assistant, advocate assistant, MUA, MC, debate competition jury, and academic script designer.

He graduated with cum laude predicate for two years of master’s degree. He was given the opportunity to apply as a permanent lecturer at the University of Banten.

Restu at the University of Banten had the opportunity to become the head of the law study program at the age of 24. The success achieved now is thanks to the mother’s prayers and hard work.

“In principle, we can achieve anything without having to rely on anyone. Mother’s prayer is more than enough,” he said.