December 1, 2022

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Infuriating the public, this elderly woman cries being scolded by her child because she doesn’t go to beg

There is a saying that a mother’s love for her child lasts forever. The proverb also says that when a child’s love is a piece of the road.

What the proverb says about the difference in love between a mother and her child is reflected in this heartbreaking incident. Circulating on social media, a viral video of an elderly woman crying was scolded by her child for not going to beg.

The viral video that started from TikTok social media was re-uploaded to the Instagram account ndorobei.official, Friday (16/09/2022). Video footage shows the plight of a grandmother.

He was seen sleeping only on cardboard on the terrace of the house. He was also recorded sobbing and mourning his fate as a parent who was neglected by his child.

It is known that the grandmother was previously scolded by the child for not going to beg. The video recorder as an eye witness who almost every day sees this grandmother being treated harshly by her child.

The grandmother was always beaten by her son and scolded. The video recorder hoped that someone could help the grandmother.

“Please help Ms. Her child is scolded for not begging. I almost see Ms. her child being beaten every day. If she doesn’t beg, she is always scolded,” the video recorder said as quoted by, Friday (16/09/2022). ).

Deputy Mayor of Surabaya Takes Action

Armuji, the deputy mayor of Surabaya, came to the location of the mother’s house who was scolded by her child for not begging. (Instagram/cakj1)

The video immediately got the attention of netizens who watched it.

“If possible, I just want to bring my mother to my house, please, if you can help me, please, let me take care of it at my house,” netizen comments.

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“Don’t give the donation to grandparents, later they will spend it with their children,” said another.

“Astaghfirullah wasted blessings and the gates of heaven,” other opinion.

“Wow, that’s a motorbike, don’t sell it for business, you even ask your parents to beg,” other netizens’ comments.

After this video went viral, the deputy mayor of Surabaya, Armuji, immediately intervened. Quoting from the Instagram account, the number two person in Surabaya has met the grandmother who is in the Tambak Wedi area to hear the story.

Armuji offered to help the grandmother to be transferred to a social institution, but the family was not pleased. This grandmother was returned to the family, but Armuji assigned the sub-district to supervise so that such a bad thing would not happen again.

“I hope that the RT RW to the sub-district can pay more attention to the surrounding residents, so that all aid and assistance can be distributed properly and accurately,” explained Armuji.