September 27, 2022

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Indonesia Open 2022: Lost, Rehan/Lisa’s steps stop in the early round

Indonesian mixed doubles badminton players Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto/Lisa Ayu Kusumawati had to admit the superiority of the representatives of Germany, Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Lohau in the early round of the EAST VENTURES Indonesia Open 2022.

Based on the Live Match Indonesia Open 2022, Rehan Naufal Kusharjanto / Lisa Ayu Kusumawati lost through the rubber games with a score of 13-21, 21-16, 17-21. The second match took place on Tuesday (14/6/2022) afternoon at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

In the first game, Rehan/Lisa often made mistakes and contributed free points to Lamsfuss/Lohau. Starting from hitting the net, hitting out of the arena of Lamsfuss/Lohau to heavy hesitation.

First game interval, 5-11 advantage for representatives of Germany. After the interval, Rehan/Lisa played patiently enough to win one point after another from Lamsfuss/Lohau.

Unfortunately, Rehan/Lisa had to admit the superiority of Lamsfuss/Lohau in the first game, losing 13-21.

Continuing to the second game, at the beginning of the game Rehan/Lisa gave a pretty good fight against the game from Lamsfuss/Lohau. Managed to narrow the score by a difference of only two/three points. But unfortunately, Rehan/Lisa’s points stopped at point 5.

Rehan/Lisa are under pressure from Lamsfuss/Lohau. Rehan/Lisa struggled to get a single point from Lamsfuss/Lohau until the second game interval.

After the second game interval, Rehan/Lisa started to put up a tight enough fight to be able to catch up and even equalize 13-13 against the German representatives, Lamsfuss/Lohau.

Lamsfuss / Lohau get 2 consecutive points, the position is 13-15 advantage for the representatives of Germany. Not wanting to just give up, Rehan/Lisa again chased and equalized the points to 15-15, even winning 16-15.

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The support for the support given by the audience at Istora, of course, became one of the triggers for Rehan/Lisa to be able to prolong their breath by winning the second game.

Rehan/Lisa managed to win in the second game with a score of 21-16 and forced the game into the rubber game.

Rubber game, the competition is tight even from the beginning of the game. The first point was obtained by representatives of Germany, Lamsfuss/Lohau. The difference in the score is thin, the position is 4-6, the advantage for Lamsfuss / Lohau.

Playing patiently and getting the momentum of their own mistakes from Lamsfuss/Lohau, Rehan/Lisa managed to equalize 6-6 then lead 7-6. Unfortunately, Lamsfuss / Lohau managed to turn things around, the score was 9-11 ahead for the German representatives.

After the decisive game interval, the match was getting more and more exciting. It was tight, Rehan/Lisa had to admit defeat to Lamsfuss/Lohau with the final score of the deciding game 17-21.

Rehan/Lisa’s defeat also ensured their stop at the EAST VENTURES Indonesia Open 2022. Keep it up Rehan/Lisa!