December 1, 2022

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Incantation Review, Called Scariest Film of the Year!

The Taiwanese horror film ‘Incantation’ has been airing on the Netflix platform since last Friday (8/7/2022).

Rows of artists who played, among others, Jsuan Yen Tsai, Mohamed Elgendy, and Ying Hsuan Kao managed to make the audience shudder in horror with the quality of the acting and the storyline. In fact, this film is predicted to be the scariest horror film from Taiwan this year.

This true story-inspired film follows a family belonging to a cult cult in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Told in a documentary style, the story caught the attention of audiences worldwide, and became the highest-grossing Taiwanese horror film of all time. ‘Incantation’ grossed more than 7.9 million dollars in March when it aired in Taiwan.

Although it is a horror genre, this film also contains many gore elements and is not safe to watch for those who have trypophobia. Lots of scenes disturbing such as showing blood splattered everywhere or other disgusting scenes.

In addition, the audience may be confused at first by the transition of the plot back and forth, even so this film is still understandable and makes each scene curious.

‘Incantation’ also managed to make the audience feel horrified, annoyed, sad or hopeless all at once. This film doesn’t put out much jumpscare, but rather a very eerie depiction of the atmosphere passing through self-camera from the cast makes the audience feel uncomfortable too.

Synopsis Incantation

Li Ruo Nan, is a single mother who raises her daughter, Duo Duo. Ruo Nan admits that he is cursed and brings bad luck to those around him. Ruo Nan left Duo Duo in an orphanage until he felt his mental state improve.

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As time went by, Ruo Nan was healthy and feeling better, she returned to pick up Duo Duo from the orphanage and headed to their home. However, Duo Duo’s return to the house brings terror to both of their lives.

The audience will be explained where the curse and terror come from. It turned out that six years ago, Ruo Nan and his friends, including Duo Duo’s father, joined a ghost hunting group that visited a remote area, where the family of one of Ruo Nan’s friends was.

Until they finally found out that all the villagers were embracing the wrong and deviant Buddhist teachings. They also do things that are inappropriate or prohibited. That was supposed to be the cause of Ruo Nan and Duo Duo’s cursed life.

This film is suitable to be watched with friends or family. Dare to watch?