August 14, 2022

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In order to keep the safety of his son just learning to walk, the father did this unique thing

The time when parents are most tired of taking care of their children is when they learn to walk. Parents should always supervise their children to stay safe.

There are various ways parents can keep their children safe while learning to walk. The same is true of this one father.

The unique way a father keeps his son who is just learning to walk is captured in a short video. In a video uploaded from the Instagram social media account, baby_name inspiration shows a father taking care of his child learning to walk.

Before, the child was allowed to learn how to walk, his father bought bubble wrap. Father wrapped bubble wrap around his daughter’s body.

Bubble wrap that has been wrapped and then glued with masking tape so it doesn’t come off. As a result, this girl wrapped in bubble wrap is like a package of goods.

“When your son starts walking and dad wants to keep him safe so he gets bubble wrapped,” written in the video as quoted by, Tuesday (02/08/2022).

The father who was initially behind the child then left him. The father seems calmer leaving his daughter learning to walk alone.

The child looks happy learning to walk even though his body is wrapped in bubble wrap. The father’s method is unique because it is rarely done.

Wrapped in Bubble Wrap

Father wraps his daughter’s body in bubble wrap. (Instagram/inspiration baby_name)

This method inspires parents out there to do the same when their child is learning to walk.

“Did our brother wrap bubble wrap too, ma’am?” commented one netizen.

“Still have bubble wrap, just let the child do this,” added another.

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“@fdu_maridha @leginemayu tomorrow your child will come back to you. Genes are safe and play pletak pletek (Tomorrow your child will be like this, guys. Let’s be safe, all play pletak pletek)” said another.

“@sarahiklima is an inspiration for Raya if you want to learn to walk,” another netizen said.

Several netizens wrote joking comments about the unique way this father made his daughter look like a package of goods.

“It’s been bubble wrapped, just put it in a box and send it here, wkw,” netizen’s response.

“Bubble wrap is done, it means that you just have to wait for the J&T courier to pick you up to be delivered to your destination,” connect another.

As of this writing, the video has already received 45.2 thousand likes.