October 6, 2022


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In addition to eliminating sleepiness, here are 5 benefits of coffee for body health

Coffee is a drink that is loved by many people. Both the young and the old all love this bitter drink. Not a few people make this drink to relieve drowsiness that comes at work or when they are busy with activities.

Now you can find many coffee shops that offer various types of coffee that you can enjoy either alone or with friends.

You need to know that coffee contains various kinds of minerals that are beneficial to the body, such as potassium, sodium, folate, and magnesium. Besides being able to eliminate drowsiness, coffee can also protect the body from various conditions such as heart problems and even Alzheimer’s.

Summarize from clickdoctor and AlodokterHere are 5 benefits that you can get from drinking coffee. Come on, see the explanation.

1. Keep your heart healthy

Maybe many do not know that coffee can actually maintain heart health. Regularly consuming one to two cups of coffee a day can prevent heart failure conditions.

Heart failure is a condition when the strength of the heart begins to weaken and is no longer able to pump blood properly. As a result, blood cannot be distributed evenly throughout the body.

2. Repair damaged DNA

Coffee by type dark roast It is said to be shown to reduce DNA chain breakage. In our bodies, DNA chains can be damaged and that is a natural thing. If there is damage, then the body will automatically repair so that the DNA can be connected and return to its original state.

However, if this DNA chain is continuously damaged and the body is no longer able to make natural repairs, then this will trigger the growth of abnormal cells called cancer cells and will continue with the formation of cancer and tumors.

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3. Reduce inflammation in the body

Coffee beans contain compounds polyphenol which is a type of antioxidant. This compound serves to reduce inflammation that occurs in the body. Regular consumption of coffee can help the body in tackling inflammation so it does not trigger serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome.

4. Maintain brain health

Some studies say that consuming coffee can prevent dementia or senility. In addition, coffee can also prevent a decline in cognitive function that can affect the ability to think. The caffeine content in coffee can improve memory and increase alertness.

Because of this effect, it is recommended not to consume coffee six hours before going to bed, because otherwise you will have difficulty sleeping and even lead to insomnia.

5. Trigger feelings of happiness

There are studies that say that consuming coffee can bring feelings of happiness or make a person feel happy good mood. So that someone who consumes this bitter drink will avoid negative emotions that can make him sad and unhappy.

A study from Harvard, United States, involving 50,000 women as participants to prove whether it is true that coffee can make a person happier. From the results of these studies show that consuming coffee can reduce and eliminate feelings of depression from a person.

After reading the above, you now know the benefits of consuming coffee. But you also need to limit the amount of coffee you drink each day. You should only consume this drink as much as 3-5 cups of coffee or the equivalent of 400 mg of caffeine. Also don’t take it when you’re going to bed at night.

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